Book Review: Atlantis by Edgar Cayce

Book Review: Edgar Cayce on Atlantis

For those of you who have not heard of Edgar Cayce, here is a brief bio: he was an American psychic of much renown who was born in 1877 & passed away in 1945, also known as the ‘Sleeping Prophet’ due to his ability to slip into trance and give medical diagnosis, heal, tell the future & see past lives much of which has been validated since, with quite a bit still waiting for validation as we make scientific, medical as well as anthropological discoveries. Have a look at the foundation set up in his name He was just an ordinary man with an exceptional ability and after 70 years he is still respected and seen as being a pioneer with nobody having come close before or since.

The book as the title suggests is about Atlantis, the famed civilisation that has never been found since it was allegedly destroyed centuries ago by Man’s own destructive behaviour.

I am as intrigued by the ‘mythical’ city of Atlantis as much as the next person and my personal belief is that there is truth in the old myths even if much has been twisted, exaggerated or even just simply made up over the years. I bought the book on an impulse as my journey has drawn me in the direction of the Akashic Records & Past Lives, I figured if anybody had true insight, proof and information on the subject it would be Edgar Case.

It is well worth a read; however, I did not find it the easiest book to follow as it is written using the original transcripts of all the readings Edgar Cayce did throughout his life which are not particularly easy to follow due to the strange speech pattern used, very unlike the language & style of the time or now. Each chapter is also more of a dissection of the readings rather than whole transcripts. Edgar Cayce refers to those who had readings as ‘the entity’ it’s all just a little bit strange when it comes to the syntax & grammar which makes it a bit hard to follow. The chapters are basically excerpts from the readings he did with the editor (his son Hugh Lynn Cayce) then translating or explaining the readings a bit like trying to make Nostradamus after all this time.

Because it was written in 1945 there are things Edgar Cayce describes which were not around in his time & so his descriptions need to be viewed as if we were in the same time as him such as atomic bombs, microwaves etc Plus there is a great deal of ‘interpretation’ of the readings which is done by his son but it could be making the facts fit what was said. Edgar Cayce over the years gave thousands of readings to different people yet he consistently gave the same historical timelines and corroborated his own information, the best liars in the world would struggle to recall what they said to who over a 60 year period without tripping up so I am not calling him a fraud or a liar, it just did not really help me believe in Atlantis more than I already did, that being said it is good so do read it but don’t expect to read it cover to cover in one sitting, it needs to be treated like a gourmet meal, savoured & digested with plenty of time in which to do so.

You can purchase the book from Amazon if you wish to read it, sadly it is only available in paperback, not hardback or Kindle.

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Let me know your thoughts if you do read the book.

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