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Tarot & Layouts

For those of you familiar with the Tarot, be it as a reader or as client layouts or spreads will be familiar, to those of you who’ve not had a Tarot or Oracle card reading you may not be. Many of my students are filled with questions about layouts & spreads and for many of them this is a difficult aspect to master; it does not need to be though! Let’s look at some aspects in more depth:

Celtic Cross Layout

What is a layout or spread & why use one? I prefer to use the term layout because whenever I use the term ‘spread’ it conjures up images of bread, butter & jam which distracts me, but either is correct, whatever works for you. A layout is just the way the cards are positioned in a reading so that the reader can follow the story-board; it brings structure to the reading, with each card position having its own story & relevance.



Which layout is best? There are literally hundreds of layouts to choose from with each area you wish to have guidance on such as romance, finances etc having its own library to choose from.

Are they difficult to use? Some & more in depth & tricky than others, I am a simple person so I like quite simple, clear cut layouts when I am reading, most readers have their favourites so find what works for you.

Do I have to use a layout to read? NO in a word! I have a friend who just goes through the whole deck card by card until she has finished the deck or the reading, whichever comes soonest & it works for her just fine.

I’m new to the Tarot & the booklet with the cards says I should do the Celtic Cross but there are 10 positions to memorise & I just can’t get it, what should I do? My Celtic Cross starts the same as the traditional layout but after the 3 card it deviates into my own version. The beauty of Tarot is there are few rules that must be followed, so make it your own. Many purists will probably scorn me for saying that but I’d probably be trying to learn the Tarot still if I had not, plenty of my students agree with me. By concentrating too much on the card meanings or layouts we are blocking the intuitive energy which we need to flow.

Many of my students come and do my layout & practice workshop so that they can get more comfortable with the layouts, relax and then get the confidence they require so the card readings flow, contact me if you feel this would benefit you but if you prefer self study, just don’t put pressure on yourself to memorise 100’s of layout, it won’t work.

Can I devise my own layouts? YES! Invent away, feel free to adjust it until you are happy with it, everyone has a different Tarot journey to experience. Just take a picture or draw out your layouts & a note of what each card position needs and put it in your Tarot scrapbook or journal so you can refer back to it if you wish.

Next comes practice, practice, practice to help you get comfortable with the layout & away you go.

You can contact me via the contact me facility on the website if you have any queries plus if you have not already join the Tarot Reading School If you want to book for my workshop 6th Feb 2016, on layouts & spreads where you can get lots of practice there are still spaces, you can book here.

Happy reading!


Tracy Fance

Clairvoyant-Medium & Tarot Reader

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