7 Crystals for Past Life Regression

Using Crystals for Past Life Regression

As a child I was fascinated by reincarnation, past lives and to be fair anything related to the psychic, paranormal & occult even devouring every book I could find on witches, reincarnation etc as a 6 year old which I’m told is not normal reading material for a six year old; Really?????

I loved all the Enid Blyton adventure & fantasy books all of which helped give me a healthy imagination which is perfect for being a psychic, medium & regressionist!
I have retained the fascination with past lives & reincarnation and because of this passion I trained as a hypnotherapist, over the course of my career I have regressed many people to many lives some mundane some exciting and some were even extraordinary for me as the therapist. Not everyone has the resources or inclination to go see a hypnotherapist though so I thought about the ways we can regress ourselves in the privacy of our own homes

If you would like to discover more about your past lives then crystals can be our trusty friends as per usual. They assist us by grounding us; opening us to the energy vibration we need for the information we wish to have revealed, protect us during the process and close us again. Below are the crystals I would recommend to get you started, don’t pay fortunes though, just get some small tumbled stones from your local New Age shop, psychic fayre or from eBay etc.

A great stone to assist with meditation as it changes our normal conscious state into a deeper state. It is also associated with the crown chakra so helps us to open to the spirit planes. Amethyst is a fusion of the red of our physical body with blue for our spiritual aspect and so brings the past & present together.

This red/orange stone is named as a result of the Latin term for the flesh of our physical body ‘carnal’ and acts as a connector between our flesh, past and present.

Double Terminated Quartz
A super tool to meditate with, its two points connect the past & the present. During this exercise it can bring insight into how our present life is being affected by our past lives.

A great stone for the blood, the mind, banishing negativity and grounding us. Sometimes also known as Bloodstone because of the metal ore in the crystals which can make them appear red with rust when pulled from the ground. Awakens the memory banks of the subconscious mind, making it great for past life regression and hypnosis.

Lapis Lazuli
Lapis awakens inner vision and shifts past baggage, healing any past trauma. Tape a piece to your forehead during meditation to help with those issues.

Tambular Crystals
Generally flat on both sides this beautiful stone acts as a bridge from the present to the past whilst helping to heal and balance any strong emotions that may be brought up during the experience.

Petrified Wood
Although this is originally wood it is classed as a stone once petrified. This stone links us to our past lives whilst helping us ground the experience in our current reality. If used during meditation it is held in the receptive hand along with a crystal imbued with protective qualities being held in the other hand. Chant the mantra ‘safely, back, safely back, back, back, back’ softly until a past life experience has been experienced and then reverse the process to come back to the now or the future by chanting ‘safely forward, safely forward, forward, forward, forward’.

Create a sacred space for yourself and when ready ground yourself & centre yourself. Ensure the crystal you have chosen has been either taped to your third eye or brow chakra or held in your receptive hand (your least dominant hand). Enjoy the experience, remembering to close down when finished & ground yourself by eating or drinking. Don’t forget to rinse the crystal, bathe in white light mentally or using the Moon. Make the notes in your journal before you forget them, ensuring however flighty or improbable the experience was it is still recorded; you will get confirmation from a source within the short term to help build your trust.

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