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What have you inherited from your parents & their family gene pool? We know that we look like our parents, or a family throwback – I have a sister who is a dead ringer for a great-grandmother! We can even get our mannerisms from our family DNA, all the way down to our likes & dislikes but did you know you can also inherit the trauma that’s in the family DNA?

Inherited Trauma

Trauma in a family can come from many different sources, not just the obvious ones. It’s probably fairly obvious that major events can cause trauma:

  • Disasters – Tsunami, earthquake, wildfires, floods, famine etc
  • War – holocaust or the battlefield
  • Genocide
  • Oppression; apartheid, political rulers

However, trauma can also come from behaviour we see or experience on a daily basis, yet these are equally traumatising; 

Familial learned behaviour  – men shouldn’t show emotion or women are not important

Abuse – cyclical where the abused becomes the abuser or just the expression in the genes of the previous abuse which can manifest in later generations

  • Racism/Sexism/Ageism
  • Witnessing violence
  • Domestic abuse
  • Alcoholism
  • Suicide
  • Loss of a loved one – prison, divorced parents, death,
  • Mental health issues in the family

So How Does It Work?

There are studies which show that children born to holocaust survivors but who were not born during the captivity itself, can be traumatised by the parents behaviour. It may be that the great grandparent has learned to cut off their emotions with those they love, this may mean that the grandparent is very distant with their loved ones who in turn don’t show emotions or demonstrate love openly so by the time you are born as the great grandchild, there may be trauma from the lack of love & affection. This can go both ways at this point, I often see the person who goes out of their way to express love & show love which breaks the cycle, it can however perpetuate for more than 7 generations.

Can I Clear It?

Yes, it can be cleared, you can only clear yours & that of anyone who is willing to take control & change themselves.

I recently worked with a client who had pelvic issues, they asked me if I could help them understand it better. In our session we spoke about the various beliefs that could be at the root of it (interestingly the root & naval chakras are the ones affected here), one of which was linked to sexual abuse with an ancestor. They thought about it & remembered a family story of a rape three generations back.

Another client had a legacy of the holocaust, in their family they were ‘not seen’ they were not encouraged to stand out or to shine, they felt anxious constantly & felt they were not being their authentic self, this was leading to health issues because their true self & the conditioned self are at odds with each other, the conflict will eventually manifest as a health issue.

The good news is that unlike your eye colour which you’re pretty much stuck with for life unless you have coloured contact lenses, the ancestral trauma can be cleared.

How Do I Clear It

You’ll need to uncover the issue & the beliefs that go with it & then either on your own or with a professional work to create the beliefs that align to your true self. In the instance of the children of the holocaust survivor, simply being able to stand out, to shine, to be seen & heard will transform them.

I use a combination of metaphysical health, Reiki & NLP (neuro-linguistic programming). 

Ancestral Karma

There may be some Ancestral Karma involved & your role this lifetime is to clear the karma. Did you know we can reincarnate as our own descendants?

Imagine that in a previous lifetime you were responsible for the Glencoe Massacre (this is an event in the Scottish mountains where the British government under the Earl of Argyll Archibald Campbell massacred 30 or more of the Clan MacDonald because they wouldn’t swear allegiance). So you may have been Archibald Campbell in 1692 & your soul is now having a life as one of his descendants.

This event was over 330 years ago but there is still animosity between the clans, feeding the trauma.

We can use the Akashic Records, Quantum Healing & Reiki to heal the past so there are various tools that can be used. 


Can you see how the past can create our reality & how it can affect us many years after the trauma actually happened?

Think about the stories you know about in your family, what impact have they had on your relatives and what impact are they having on you and your children now? Don’t feel guilty about, but do take control of matters sooner, rather than later.

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