The Cost of Not Having Coaching

Why We Value The Wrong Things                                                                                                                              Child Covering His Eyes

It’s interesting how we value the wrong things in life or don’t see the value of something.

Imagine your car needs some work done, but you’re a bit strapped for cash and could do without the £100 bill, so you decide to leave it until next month, it’s not urgent. Imagine that it goes off your radar for a few months, when suddenly it goes wrong & you have a bigger bill than if you’d repaired it right away. So what is the true cost?

There’s more than you realise:

  • The time you have to take off of work to sort things out or simply be unable to do your job without the car
  • The increased cost of having the car repaired as additional things go wrong or even having the car scrapped!
  • There’s the inconvenience & cost of needing to use public transport 
  • Maybe you’ve had to cancel or reschedule an appointment or missed an event?
  • The time lost having to organise the mechanic, wait for the parts & then collecting the car once it’s fixed
  • The extra time needed to pick up the kids from school as you have to walk now or the extra time it takes to go shopping
  • Maybe you’ll have to miss a bill or use a credit card to pay for the work because it is so much more than the £100 it started out as!
  • Lost sleep as you need to be up earlier to get to places now the car is off the road
  • Maybe you have to skip the gym for a few days as there isn’t time to walk to the gym or it’s not somewhere you can get to without the car
  • You might have to stop your social life or miss seeing family as you can’t get there, this is a real problem if you provide care & support for a family member

Now these may not be horrendous, however, they are costs, if you’re self-employed or are paid hourly it could be a nightmare, and if your boss is not very tolerant, it could cause bigger problems! The bottom line is, if the repair had been done at the start when it only would have costed £100 the situation would never have become this much of a problem. I find this with coaching too, people think that it’s maybe too costly, or not urgent so they don’t go ahead, the real cost here could be short-term or more long-term:

  • Repeated patterns in relationships
  • Lost relationships
  • No relationship!
  • Missing out on promotion or a new job
  • Staying over-weight which may lead to health issues
  • By not developing a new, beneficial habit which would have been life changing – confidence is a good example, imagine what different, better choices you’d make if you were confident
  • Not stopping an existing habit which is detrimental to your health, finances or quality of life such as smoking which costs a fortune, not to mention the health implications
  • Not resolving stress can lead to depression or poor health or even a breakdown – if you’d had coaching & created strategies to deal with these, life would be very different & you’d be happier
  • Lost time – we can never get it back – what if you’d had coaching & started your own business? Instead you’ve lost those years because you did not have the belief in your abilities or the insight to do it
  • How different would your finances have been if you’d have been able to go for promotion or taken a different career path?

Can you see how not doing something can end up costing you in many ways, not just financially? Imagine you had 6 years of your life where you didn’t have a relationship, yet, with a couple of sessions of coaching, you could have got to the root of the beliefs & behaviours that were stopping you from having a loving relationship, you could have been in a positive relationship for those 6 years.

What do you look at and decide isn’t of value to you? Is it investing in the gym or going for some power walks? Our health is something we take for granted until we don’t have good health, then we wish we’d taken better care of ourselves.

I have spoken to so many people over hte years that wish they’d taken time to work on themselves or to have changed something in their life that they were unhappy with & those who’ve finally had coaching with me & wished they’d done it years ago! Instead they’ve spent years trapped in a job they hated, been miserable, picked one relationship after another that did not make them happy or last and so many other things. The one thing they have in common is that they wish they’d taken action years ago, that they’d looked beyond the cost of buying a particular book, workshop or therapy session. For some of my clients, had they taken action years ago, they would not be having the health issues they have now. Health issues come after a period of time, there is a lead up to it manifesting so immune system issues may be rooted in things that happened over 5 years ago!

My advice is to take action, speak to someone & see if there is any help they can give you, look beyond the cost & focus on the benefits it can offer you.

If you need help to work through what you need or don’t need in your life, let’s talk, it’s free & I can point you in the right direction. Value the things that will enhance your life, improve you as a person whether mentally, emotionally or physically.

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