Dealing With Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome

I’m Tracy Fance, I’m a psychic coach & I help people empower themselves so they can create & live the life they want. I have reinvented myself a few times and although each time it has been beneficial, it has been daunting; school kid to college kid, teenager to new employee, admin worker to estate agent, estate agent to financial adviser, employed to self-employed, logical to intuitive & intuitive to coaching, soo many times I felt that I was a fraud or that I did not know enough and that there were so many people better qualified than me or better experienced. Now most of those were true, however, it did not make me any less of the person I was becoming.

Definition of ‘Imposter Syndrome’: Doubting your abilities, feeling like a fraud. It disproportionately affects those who are high-achievers, & who find it difficult to accept their accomplishments. Many question whether they’re deserving of the accolades they attain.

Does that sound like you either in the past or now? I see it a lot in the business world with people who are gaining training or qualifications & then get out there & get on with their business, inside they’re quaking! It’s something that seems to be worse in women than men & seems to tie in with not being seen or heard, this may be a childhood conditioning issue, as a result of a relationship or down to self-worth (feeling they aren’t really worthy of the accolades or success).

Is This You?

“I’m a fraud! I’ll get found out!”

“I’m not a good enough writer/musician/healer/clairvoyant/coach.”

“What am I thinking? No one will be interested in reading my work/hearing my music/working with me.”

If you are saying these sorts of things to yourself or others then you have Imposter Syndrome!

Dealing With It

Grab yourself pen & paper, you may need time to answer these questions, so allow yourself as much as you need.

Now answer the following questions.

  • What is it that you do or offer that is valuable to others?
  • What abilities or natural talents do you have? Talking, listening, psychic readings.
  • List your accomplishments, all of those times you have helped someone.
  • Create a vision board of love ‘all lovely comments/posts/reviews’ go back to it when you feel you are not good enough or don’t know what you are talking about.
  • When you are ‘in the zone’ what is your area of excellence 
  • List the last 3 compliments you had.

Now look at what you have written down, you’re not an imposter, you deserve the successes you’ve had, your successes now and in the future. Feel better?


Affirmations are positive statements, they are used to reinforce the belief you wish to have, it also eliminates the negative dialogue you have been having. The brain will rewire itself (neuroplasticity) & take on the positive beliefs which will create positive behaviours. Here’s some affirmations to get you going:

  • I am a strong and capable person
  • I do not have to be perfect to be effective
  • I’ve got this!
  • I am enough
  • I am great at what I do
  • I know what I am doing
  • I learn from my experiences, which makes me better at what I do

Chakra Work:

Since Imposter Syndrome comes down to self-worth & the inability to speak your truth, be seen & heard, there are 3 chakras that may be out of balance.

Solar Plexus – the seat of your self worth, the emotions & the psychic

Heart Chakra – the seat of compassion (including the self), love & emotional connection to others

Throat Chakra – the seat of creativity, self-expression, & speaking your truth

You can rebalance these centres yourself using crystals, meditation, yoga, visualisation or self Reiki amongst others or see a therapist for Chakra Balancing, Acupuncture, Reflexology, NLP/Coaching, etc. Keeping the chakras balanced is an ongoing job, so once will not do the trick for the rest of your life!

If you need my help to overcome your imposter syndrome, why not book a chat with me? If you’d like to book a complimentary chat with me to discuss it further, you can book a Zoom chat with me here.

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