Do You Know About Walk-ins?

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The Theory of Walk-Ins

Within the spiritual arena, there is a phenomenon known as ‘walk-ins’, this has intrigued the spiritual community as well as researchers for decades if not centuries! This intriguing phenomenon evinces that there is a soul exchange or a transition of the consciousness between two individuals.I wanted to delve into the concept & explore its origins, the beliefs around it & any literature where you can delve more deeply, it fascinates me so I thought it might have the same effect on you too.

Understanding Walk-Ins

Are you familiar with the term ‘walk-in’? I wouldn’t be surprised if you aren’t because it’s one of those subjects that doesn’t get much discussion unless you are more deeply into spiritual knowledge. The closest most people have come is in movies such as ‘Big’ or ‘Freaky Friday’ where two souls get mixed up in the wrong bodies due to outside events such as lightning but ultimately switch back. This isn’t the same really, neither is possession as that’s normally a demon or spirit entity up to no good.

In spiritual circles it’s a subject that is talked about very frequently and has been for decades if not centuries. Many pagan societies have stories of humans being possessed by entities but not actually being taken over by another soul & most religions don’t have anything close either.

How It Works

This exchange can happen due to the original soul completing its life’s purpose & therefore is able to give another soul the chance to achieve something they need to complete without needing a whole life to do so. 

However, it can also be that our Spirit Guides & the other soul’s that are party to the Soul Purpose or mission feel that ‘Soul A’ isn’t up to the task or is flat out refusing to fulfil their missions then they can have a ‘team meeting’ & agree that the soul should step aside and let ‘Soul B’s’ consciousness enter.

It may be that ‘Soul B’ is in reserve & may be of a higher consciousness or is a soul that is better equipped to achieve the Soul Purpose or Soul Contracts agreed to in the original Soul Plan meeting. 

Personality Changes

It is only to be expected that if those two souls swap places that people are going to notice a personality change in their loved one. It is logical to assume that these differences will be positive because the soul stepping aside has traits that are blocking them achieving their mission. In the book ‘A Life Requested’ there is addiction, stubbornness & other traits making them a challenging soul to be connected to. When Soul B stepped in, the love and graciousness & the desire to grow were noticeably different. I’d expect them to be more spiritually awakened too.

Famous Walk-Ins

Walk-ins are often viewed as benevolent beings who choose to be here on earth to incarnate so they can aid humanity’s evolution. They supposedly possess such profound wisdom & an incredibly deep sense of purpose.

Over the years there have been various famous historical figures that were thought to be walk-ins, here to guide humanity with their enlightened perspective. Here’s a few of those figures, I’ll let you make your own mind up:

  • Jesus Christ: There are many within the New Age or Spiritual movement that have proposed Jesus Christ was a walk-in, suggesting that a highly enlightened soul or being or a divine entity temporarily inhabited the human body of Jesus to bring divine teachings to humanity.
  • Mahatma Gandhi: There has been much speculation that Gandhi’s profound transformation and spiritual evolution might have been influenced by a walk-in experience, which enabled him to become a prominent leader of nonviolent civil resistance. This certainly resonates for me because when I watched footage of the 1947 Partitioning of India, Gandhi bore no resemblance to the Gandhi we’re all familiar with.
  • Joan of Arc: We all know the legendary story of Joan of Arc born in 1428. Joan was a young peasant girl who led the French army during the Hundred Years’ War. Her story sparked discussions among some spiritualists who contemplate whether she might have been guided or possessed by a walk-in.
  • Swami Vivekananda: A pivotal person in introducing Yoga and Vedanta to the Western world, Swami Vivekananda’s sudden transformation and remarkable impact have led many people to speculate about the possibility of a walk-in experience.

Do remember that this is speculation & there is no scientific fact to back it up, but there rarely is with what we do in the spiritual world. As with many metaphysical beliefs, interpretations can vary widely, and these theories remain a matter of personal belief and not widely recognized in academic or historical circles.

Origins of the Walk-In Phenomenon

Pinpointing the actual origin of walk-ins is quite difficult, many ancient texts talk about divine beings temporarily manifesting in human form to impart knowledge and bring about transformation, these could be angels, loved ones coming through etc. However, the term ‘walk-in’ as we know it today gained popularity during the 70s/80s when the New Age/Spiritual movement was at its peak.

Further Reading on Walk-Ins

To gain a deeper understanding of walk-ins, several spiritual and New Age books provide valuable insights. Here are some notable ones that you might find intriguing:

  • “The Walk-In” by Joel L. Whitton and Joe Fisher: This book is a fascinating exploration of the phenomenon, offering case studies and personal accounts of individuals who claim to have experienced a walk-in transition.
  • “Walk-Ins Among Us” by Yvonne Perry: Delving into the spiritual awakening and transformative experiences of walk-ins, this book highlights the concept’s significance in spiritual evolution.
  • “A Soul Remembers Hiroshima” by Dolores Cannon: Although not solely focused on walk-ins, this book narrates a hypnotic regression session of an individual who recalls being a walk-in during a tragic historical event.
  • “Bringers of the Dawn” by Barbara Marciniak: This thought-provoking book features channelled messages from the Pleiadians, extraterrestrial beings who discuss walk-ins as part of their teachings on Earth’s spiritual transformation.
  • “A Life By Request’ Carolyn Jaymes: This book is found in the fiction aisle, but much like ‘The Celestine Prophecies’ it’s non-fiction dressed up as fiction so people would read it and to ensure the author was not ridiculed.

Personal Experience

Years ago I knew someone who was pretty sure their ex-partner was the subject of a walk-in. They’d called time on their relationship when suddenly their partner completely changed personality but I’m talking about a major transformation not just on their best behaviour kind of change. They went on to reunite. As we tend to say in the UK ‘A leopard doesn’t change its spots’ which is to say that people very rarely change dramatically.


The concept of ‘walk-ins’ remains an enigmatic and thought-provoking aspect of the spiritual and New Age arena, it’s up to you whether you think it to be a true phenomenon or just a flight of fancy. Maybe it is just a profound personal transformation, such as an epiphany. Whether it’s a literal occurrence of soul exchange or not, the idea of enlightened beings entering human bodies sparks curiosity and wonder. 

If nothing else, by delving into the spiritual literature and personal experiences related to walk-ins, we open ourselves to new perspectives on consciousness, existence, and the boundless possibilities that the universe holds. Whether you choose to embrace or have a sceptical contemplation of this phenomenon, it undoubtedly adds a layer of intrigue to the vast tapestry of spiritual exploration.

What Do I Think?

To me it makes sense, if you were in a job role and could not achieve what you need to, such as PM of the UK or CEO of a company, & you were asked to step-aside & let someone better equipped do the role, I don’t see that it is a huge step to believe that a soul can do the same. Let me know what you think, even if you think it is all hogwash!

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