From Single & Having IBS To Healthy & Getting Married

Unhappily Single & Ruled By IBS A picture of a lady called 'Donna' who healed herself of IBS

Donna worked with me after having had a reading with me, she was very unhappily single yet again and now found herself in her 50’s & ‘alone’.

Relationship Misery

Donna couldn’t understand why her relationships kept failing, she put so much time, energy & love into them, she’d done so much for the men she’d dated only for the relationships to end once she’d ‘healed’ them (see my recent blog on why we recreate patterns in our life that don’t serve us).

Donna also had Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), the bloating, stomach cramps & the upset tummy which she had 24/7 was making her life hell & was eroding her confidence.

How NLP Techniques Helped Donna

During our sessions I used various NLP techniques, the first one is called 2 Chair Work & involved putting her IBS in a chair & giving it a personality, we then chatted with it to find out why it was here. Based on the information Mr IBS gave us we knew it was trying to keep her safe, it was trying to protect her, it just got a bit lost on how it chose to do that!

Next I used a technique called Timeline Therapy which simply involves taking the mind back in time to the originating point of the IBS, it turned out that as a small child she’d been left with a family friend so her parents could go out for their first night since becoming parents, but instead of explaining this to her, they distracted her & left as soon as she wasn’t looking.

The young Donna felt heartbroken at being ‘abandoned’ by her parents but Donna in 2023 had no recollection of this event in her concious memory because she was so young when it happened.

When she was about 9 years old, her mum & dad divorced & dad moved back to his home country & then when she was 19 her mother died. These events devastated her, understandably, however, they created her future.

These events all left her feeling ‘abandoned’ but they were very old events, her body was sending her a message that she had old emotions that needed releasing, this was the role of the IBS as this was her emotions being internalised instead of processed.

She Was Recreating The Childhood Abandonment

During the Timeline Therapy Donna realised that because she’d been hurt by being abandoned, her trauma was actually creating behaviour that resulted in any relationship she had, breaking down, by creating these behaviours she was sabotaging the relationships so they’d leave her, just as she knew they would, because after all, didn’t her parents leave her more than once? This is a self-fulfilling prophecy! Donna wasn’t aware she was doing it, it was all in her subconscious brain which actually drives 95% of our behaviour (sleep, hunger, being hot/cold etc are conscious brain activities).

We used another NLP technique called Reframing to change how she felt about those early experiences, she knew her parents loved her, she knew they’d returned & hadn’t abandoned her, but the toddler version of her hadn’t known that so she needed reassuring. By reassuring the toddler Donna that all was as it should be, that rippled along her timeline & was released by Donna 2023.

After Releasing The Behaviour She Healthily Plans Her Wedding

Donna now released the behaviour that was sabotaging her relationships and I’m pleased to say that in her last reading I saw a wedding for her and she smiled & told me she was in a relationship & they’d set a date for their wedding.

The even better news though was the fact that her Irritable Bowel Syndrome had cleared up completely and her confidence was already coming back.

That may sound really amazing, however, no miracles were happening here, we simply just cleared a load of outdated emotions. Do you have a health issue that’s making your life a nightmare or a behaviour that isn’t making you happy?

You don’t need to live with it any more, I have the skills to help you transform your life. You can decide right now to get my support & end the suffering.

Talk to me in a free Discovery. Book now. 

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