Manifesting Abundance with The Tarot

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Are you finding finances tight right now? Is life feeling flat and empty?

Many people believe the tarot to be all about predicting the future but it actually has so many other uses. In this blog post I am going to help you use it to bring change and to manifest what you are missing.

You will need the following:

Candle and lighter or matches

Incense or a scented candle if no incense available

Somewhere quiet to work

Your tarot or oracle cards

Notebook and pen (preferably your tarot journal)


Here are your tools to manifest positive change, just follow these steps:

  1. Light a candle & burn some incense.
  2. Sit in the silence (floor or chair) and take 3 deeps breaths in and 3 breaths out.
  3. Decide on your main goal i.e. to manifest abundance.
  4. Write down 10 goals that having more money would help your realise (not things like car, house etc but things like ‘more time with loved ones’ ‘financial security’ etc.).
  5. Focus on how this abundance would make you feel and think how it would be so positive for you and your life.
  6. Take your deck and give them a good shuffle whilst focusing on your goal. Then fan the cards out in front of you and choose 6 cards that draw you to them.
  7. Lay them out in a row, face down.
  8. Take each card at a time and pay attention if a card particularly appeals or if it represents a goal on your list, meditate on these cards and write down your results. Refer back to this card often in the coming days so you can keep the energy alive.
  9. What do the 3 pathways say to you? The pathways are very important to this exercise. How do you feel when you consider the options? Write it all down for future reference.
  10. Blow out the candle gentle and thank the Universe & Angelic realm for listening to you.

This exercise can be varied according to what you want to manifest. An example would be, if you want to manifest more love in your life, write down your 10 most important qualities for a future partner and then pick the six cards. If a court card turns up pay special attention.

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