Soul Contracts

PictureMy childhood pet Patch I am currently reading a book on the contracts we make with the people that we plan to share our incarnation with be they people, pets or Guides. It talks about the plans we make, why we make them, the planning which goes into each contract and ensuing life.

The book is Your Soul’s Gift by Robert Schwartz and is widely available so I would definitely recommend it.

One of the case studies involves a lady who has an affinity with animals and has had it all her life. By having readings with 2-3 mediums who have the gift of being able to see & hear the soul contract planning meetings they are able to talk to those pets that were such an integral part of her life. In particular one pet revealed they had been sent to love her unconditionally at a time when she felt sad, unloved, scared & lonely. This pet made such a massive difference to her life and by looking at the agreement they made before this incarnation. It was such a great revelation to her to know that the animals she had had in her life had returned the love, support and care she had given them in previous incarnations. (Most animals re-incarnate as animals each & every time, with only 5% of animals taking human form at some point). It is widely accepted that animals have their own version of our incarnating patterns but it actually seems they are intertwined circles which overlap and are not separate.

As with humans some animals are more highly evolved than others which is probably why some pet owners swear their animals can understand them, communicate with them etc. Whales are a highly evolved species, brought to this planet from another where they were dying out. This planet has so much water for them to live in. Their keepers are those who were the keepers on Sirius, where they come from.

Whilst reading this book and the above case study it dawned on me that I had been in a similar scenario. We had a beautiful tom cat called Apache but whom we all referred to as Patch. Although we’d had a cat when I was younger who I do remember Patch is the most memorable and my favourite.

When I was 8 my parents divorced with my brother & I staying with my Dad. Eventually when I was 12 I went to live with my Mother and her husband. They already had a tabby cat they’d had for some time but by now they had a black & white kitten that was adorable.

As with most teenagers the coming years were not easy; we had the usual mother daughter difficulties, the hormones, the move from the town I grew up in to a town hundreds of miles away. I was feeling unloved, unwanted and my confidence was low. As the years moved along we moved house and I had to change schools which is hard enough but add to that that I moved from school A to school B both of whom were arch enemies which made it very difficult to be accepted at the new school and I was at an all time low. There were other issues too which I won’t bore you with but at this point I felt so low at times I did briefly consider ending it all, luckily this is where Patch came in as I would lay in bed telling him my woes, crying into his fur whilst he would pat me with his paw and I would cuddle him until I felt better. So Patch I swear agreed to come to us so he could support me and keep me safe until I was strong enough to be ok.

When I was 17.5 my parents moved away to Yorkshire but I refused to go, I was now strong enough to take charge of my life. I missed them all but my best friend, the one who was always there for me in my loneliest hour was gone with them.

The worst part is that 25 years later I’ve recognised what he did for me and feel terrible that I never acknowledged his role. So as I write this I have tears coursing down my face, I acknowledge how grateful I am and how loved I am now. I was loved then but in my misery did not always see it.

So a big thank you to Patch for your love and support back then and to my friends and family who love and support me now. This book is helping me no end, so Robert Schwartz I thank you also.

I can’t recommend this book highly enough and I know I will blog more on it in the times to come.



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