The Penny Drops: Your Souls Gift

PictureI’ve just read: Your Soul’s Gift by Robert Schwartz So as some of you know I have been reading ‘Your Soul’s Gift’ by Robert Schwartz and I am finding it a wonderful tool, bringing me insight into my life and the experiences I’ve had as well as those people I read for or connect with along my way.
This book focuses on the contracts we make when in Spirit for the lives we choose on this planet. It looks at our contracts with our pets, adoption, miscarriage, abortion, incest, life lessons and much more. It’s such a massive subject, I won’t go into it all here but I would recommend a read of it.

Part of the contracts we ALL agree to is time alone to contemplate and reflect on the experiences we are having, their effect on our lives and of those connected to us etc. In our modern world we are so busy, with very little ‘alone’ time. We have TV’s, mobiles, books, WII, Xbox, radio, the pub, the gym, drugs all of which stimulates us and does not allow us time to reflect.

It’s OK though as Spirit have the answer…….they will make us suffer financially in an attempt to slow us down, if this does not work Spirit will make us sick, they will make it more serious still if we do not take the hint. I have been saying this to clients for years and it is so true, even I have been stopped in my tracks to slow me down.

So if you are experiencing difficulties with finances or health, take some time out to look at what you are NOT facing, pull things apart and then give it your full attention to change the situation and you will see movement. It may be that you are in a job that you should have left years ago but figured ‘better the devil you know’ or you may lack confidence, which could be part of your life lesson in itself! I do not hold all the answers but what I do know is that this book is facilitating change in my life and my perspective of myself which is never a bad thing.

Good luck on your journey, thank you for allowing me to share mine!

Tracy x

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