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Soul Plans

We have all chosen to incarnate on this planet in an attempt to grow both spiritually & emotionally. There is no other planet or dimension where this can be replicated so all souls wishing to have growth come here. I suppose it is somewhat like going to Egypt to see the pyramids; there are other pyramids around the world but none are the same as Egypt! The main difference here though is that Earth is certainly no holiday camp!

Most people when going through difficulties have surely wondered at some point ‘why me’ or ‘what on earth is the point of this’ & of course the classic ‘I must have been truly awful in a previous life, what the hell did I do to deserve this’. Hands up if you’ve thought at least one of those?

I have always been fascinated by reincarnation, past lives and all aspects of the two, why are we here, what is the point of our existence etc. When I am reading for people I always try to intuit the lessons of their lives, sometimes I can see past lives and the connections that have been made, however if they are not in a position to have it revealed to them then Spirit will not show me. Because of my insatiable quest for answers I have been looking elsewhere. Meditation with my Guides asking for them to show me more, internet, forums, new ways o f reading etc and I think I have gotten some answers, but my next difficulty is how to pass that knowledge on because not everyone I speak to is as spiritually evolved or ready to hear the conclusions I have drawn, to hear the knowledge I hold, which made me wonder how others impart their knowledge to those around them that need it but may not be ready for it? I’d love to know how you cross the divide.

Those of you who know me, also know what a voracious reader I am and I recently posted a blog about ‘Your Souls Gift’ a book by Robert Schwartz which looks at the Soul Plans & contracts we make with our Soul Group before incarnating & more importantly WHY we do it. The books really resonate with me on so many levels that I felt compelled to get writing. The first of the two books is called ‘Your Souls Plan’ which is broken into chapters based on the case studies so there is one centred on a drug addict who overdosed, now don’t think of this person as the stereotype addict this lad had a good home life, was very bright & was well regarded. But by talking to a Medium that accesses the Akashic Records they were able to determine why he chose to become and addict, what he & the family gained from it and also why his family/Soul Group agreed to this situation, all before they incarnated. They then did the same for the family of an alcoholic to understand their Soul Plan. There is a chapter on a man who had a horrible ‘accident’ which left him paralysed from the neck down (quadriplegia) and a lady who was horribly injured in a bomb blast. There is also a chapter on a lady who has two disabled sons and a healthy daughter who is her main support with the two boys as she is a single parent. All the stories are uplifting, showing how these people grew spiritually as a result, it shows their logic at the meetings where they planned these lives & how they coped or did not cope when it came to actually living it out. It shows there is no such things as ‘accidents’ or ‘luck’ as we choose disabilities, events which will injure, maim or change our lives irrevocably. These are all ‘turning points’ where we can take a different path in life, grow & improve ourselves.

I’m intrigued now that I’ve read the two books as I’ve filled lots of gaps  answered a lot of my questions through reading them, the books make it clear we have freewill plus we can plan exit points where we can leave if we cannot handle what we have planned or we can revert to ‘Plan B’ if need be. So I wondered what happens in the event of a long term illness such as MS or disability after an accident or operation etc or even just that we are terminally ill and don’t wish to go through the awful last stages of an illness. Are we invoking freewill, thus leaving before we complete our mission or is it the case we have completed our mission and by choosing suicide or assisted suicide we are just bringing matters to a close? This seems not to have been covered so I may write & ask the author. I truly agree that if we do not wish to go through the last awful stages of dying that we should have the right to assisted suicide but I also need to know answers about how this affects our soul’s growth before I would be happy to go any further with it, should the need arise.

Certainly in previous chapters there have been people who took their own life but in some cases this was part of the Soul Plan & in others it was a potential option. Spirit do not punish anyone, in Spirit it is all done from a position of love, even the lady who  was injured in the bomb will have nothing but love for her bomber because he agreed to be the bomber to facilitate her growth so there is nothing to forgive & only room to love. Again I’d love your thoughts on this.

I know this is just one book and many of you may feel that it’s only one person’s interpretation, I agree we should not accept all we read unless it resonates for us. I am lucky to know Sally Woodmansee who has written a book ‘Simple Philosophy of Spirit’ with her son Tony. Tony died in a car accident almost 4 years ago but each day he writes by channelling through his Mum about what happens in Heaven, why we are here and so much more. Sally has actually confirmed much of what Robert Schwartz has written about in his books which is great for me! Sally however does not read spiritual books; she was never interested in all of this prior to Tony passing. It is since his passing plus his connection with Sally that she has grown so much spiritually and psychically so her channel is pure, unpolluted by her own thoughts, ideas or concepts from other people.

So how do we as the Lightworkers bring this information to those who are not at the same evolutionary place as us? (This is not said judgementally or in an egotistical way, we are none of us better than any others just because of where we are in our evolutionary path, it is just an observation of the difference between us, in the same way there would be an issue trying to teach A Level Maths to 1st year students at primary school!).

How would you explain to a person in a difficult situation such as having been abused or having had addiction issues etc that they chose this situation for their own growth? How do you use the information to help them transition from the old person they were to the new person they will become? Surely as eggs are eggs we are put in their path to help them gain the insight needed. You need not agree with all my thoughts & comments but do read Robert Schwartz’s 2 books as they will help you understand better than I can how the Universe & it’s laws work.


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