Two Become One: Spirituality & Business

Bringing the two worlds closer together.

 Many of you reading my blog will know me quite well, however there are those of you who have not met me before or who have not read any of my musings. I am a clairvoyant, medium & tarot reader based on the coast of Kent in the UK and my musings are mostly about my journey as a psychic, a Reader & a human trying to find answers to help me evolve spiritually as well as personally. The aim of my musings is to help you evolve too so please feel free to comment on this blog & take away whatever helps you on your journey.

Recently I decided that I had reached the extent of my knowledge on marketing & how to reach as many people as possible so I decided I needed help, I thought this would be quick, not to mention easy & that in a short space of time I would know what I needed to for the next stage of my journey, hah!

Now, I am not known for my patience although I have had plenty of practice in my lifetime nor am I known to give up easily, which is good as I would need both of these traits in the coming months!!!

I prefer to work on a recommendation like many of you, so I sent out a though to the Universe (that covers my Guides, Angels, loved ones & Fate) asking for the right person, but to be sure I also posted on Facebook J now two people came back with the same name so I investigated, my own advice to anyone needing answers is that synchronicity or coincidence is anything but coincidence! I made an appointment with Sian Murphy of the Ruby Marketers, based in Medway, Kent & away we went.

Unbeknown to me Sian was very curious about the spiritual side of life so was keen to work together and it seems that my corporate background would be central to my future plans………We decided to revamp the website because the plans I had in mind warranted it, these were also backed up by what Sian envisioned for me so that was good. It was also deemed necessary to strip back what I do & how I do it to see where we could take things next. My assumption that a quick meeting would give me all the answers I needed proved to be way short of the mark, although we did actually decide I’d done pretty well up until this point. There was plenty that I still could do though so this was going to take time to find solutions then to instigate them.

One of the issues I have faced in the four years I have been working full time for Spirit is that many people believe that we psychics should not charge for what we do, it is a freely given gift so we should pass it to people in need also free of charge, strangely my mortgage company & power companies all disagree. In the same four year period, I have found that many Lightworkers (umbrella term for readers, healers, therapists etc) struggle to be business minded & spiritual, it is as though the two are oil & water, so cannot be mixed. I for once in my life am a renegade, because I believe that the two can actually work very well together, it is therefore my aim to make a fusion of the two, with my intention being to show what a powerful commixture this is.

I have found since my meetings with Sian that she shares the same vision, why does spirituality have to be the property of the New Age Brigade? Why does business practice & being successful have to be kept for the capitalist world? Many of the philanthropists of our times have been either spiritual or religious: Renee Mackintosh, John Templeton, Einstein, and many more have fused the two without it being an issue in the past!

Many current businesses are already becoming more philanthropic in their business practices in a bid to show how much they care. The cynic may think this is a marketing ploy, which it may very well be but either way they are helping people so even if their intentions are not purely altruistic the outcome is the same. Now let’s assume they are being altruistic, they do truly care & wish to help make a difference by donating £X in every £1,000 of sales, the fact they are starting to help their fellow man, rather than seeing their customers as cash cows is progress, denoting their evolution so now we need to help the spiritual people become more business minded, in the hopes we can meet in the middle with businesses caring more for their customers & their world & spiritual people not working for donations or gratis because they feel bad about charging or are just not clued up on business matters!

I organise psychic events & mind, body, spirit shows in Kent, you would be amazed at how many of the stallholders are not on Twitter, don’t really use Facebook, have no business cards or literature to let people know what services they offer or even understand the importance of looking & being professional as this is seen as ‘too slick’ or ‘too business like’ yet at the same time many Lightworkers struggle financially the same as the rest of the world. I truly believe that Lightworks are born again Luddites as we hate technology, but in this modern world we have to keep up, whether we wish to or not. So let us all work to connect the business side of the world with the spiritual side of the world & between us we can make the whole world a better place. This is where Sian & I have decided to work together to help bring the two together, let’s see what we can do, watch this space for more information with a lovely launch planned for September.

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