Exploring Soul Groups

Exploring Soul GroupsThe Sky or Heaven

Have you heard people referring to ‘Soul Groups’?  How much do you know about them? As this is a subject that comes up often in my workshops & readings, I wanted to take a deeper look at the subject, afterall, it’s one that affects us all. 

The phenomenon of Soul Groups is an age-old concept, it gained huge attention thanks to the groundbreaking work of Michael Newton, PhD, and Brian Weiss. If you haven’t read their books do check them out.

The Essence of Soul Groups

Think of your Soul Group as a ‘family’ of kindred spirits, with whom you travel together through various lifetimes. Your whole Soul Group doesn’t necessarily reincarnate every time, a soul may choose to ‘sit out’a lifetime or work on their spiritual growth by staying in Spirit.

Your Soul Group is a unit that stays together across all your soul’s lifetimes. Much like an army platoon, your soul group has had many missions together, you love & trust each of the other souls which is important in ensuring you & your soul group achieve their missions.

Your soul has a role to play within the group mission which may be linked to your soul purpose or it can be separate. Let’s say that your soul needs to learn about jealousy, this might have played out against a background of the Spanish Inquisition or religious persecution which was the mission for your Soul Group.

Your Soul Group can move sexes, continents, cultures & religions & anything else you can think of!


Within our soul group we’ll also find smaller groups, these may be: 

  1. Twin Flames: Twin flames are believed to be two halves of the same soul. They share an intense, deep connection and are said to mirror each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Meeting one’s twin flame is considered a significant and transformative experience.
  2. Soulmates: Soulmate connections are often seen as deep and harmonious relationships. There can be multiple soulmates in one’s life, and they may serve different purposes, such as personal growth or companionship.
  3. Soul Family: This is a broader group of souls that are closely connected and may reincarnate together over multiple lifetimes. Members of a soul family may play various roles in each other’s lives, including friends, family, or romantic partners.
  4. Spiritual Guides: Some souls within a soul group take on the role of spiritual guides or guardians in one’s life. These guides may offer guidance and support from the spiritual realm.
  5. Karmic Connections: Souls with karmic connections have shared past experiences, often involving unresolved issues or lessons that need to be learned. These connections can be positive or challenging, and they provide opportunities for personal growth.

So it would seem that each soul has a different role within the Group with each of the souls in the group able to hold the same role for multiple other souls such as being a soul mate or Guide for various souls in the soul group, or have different roles such as being a soul mate for one soul & a twin flame for another.

Connecting With Other Soul Groups

It is possible for your soul group to connect to another soul group in certain circumstances & become part of their soul group such as in the case of marriage or adoption but these are exceptions and not something our soul needs to do every time. Maybe by connecting two soul groups a particular issue can be experienced and even resolved, think of it as a ‘joint mission’.

Soul Purpose & Soul Mission

Your soul is on earth with a Soul Purpose & in some cases you may also have a Life Mission to achieve, the Soul Group is there to help support you and in cultural, religious or racial missions you may be working as a whole to achieve the goal. Our souls are great at multitasking & can work on multiple themes or missions at any one time.

Some examples of a soul group mission could be:

  • Working to erase apartheid, racism etc.
  • Opening people’s minds to other beliefs via situations involving persecution such as the Cathars, the Jews etc.
  • Raising awareness via illness & creating compassion & understanding via AIDS, leprosy etc.
  • Working for equality such as poverty, racism or social inequality.
  • Bringing a taboo to the fore such as abortion or abuse which were previously not spoken about.

Proof of Soul Groups & Group Reincarnation

There was a study back in the 1980’s that discovered a large number of people who were scattered across the west country of the UK who when regressed ALL recalled a life in south west France as a Cathar. They also recalled being part of an ‘collective’ that constantly incarnated together to achieve huge spiritual growth, often being persecuted, hunted & marginalised in the process of achieving their mission.

The Bond that Transcends Time

In the eloquent words of Newton and Weiss, we discover that the connections between all the souls in your soul group go beyond the boundaries of time and space. These souls, like old friends reuniting for a grand tea party, come together lifetime after lifetime to learn, grow, and support each other.

It makes sense to reunite & reincarnate with the same souls time & time again, when you know & trust your team, it’s easier to focus on your mission not whether a soul has your back.

The Karmic Threads

Don’t think of karma as punishment, think of karma as the thread that weaves through the tapestry of soul group experiences, they are about balance & duality, so to have been wealthy means you must have a life without wealth, the same with power, love & anything else you can think of. These will include the good and the bad! Your karmic paths are just as labyrinthine as a garden maze. The actions we take in one life may have a profound impact on our soul group’s collective journey. It’s as if we are all characters in a grand Shakespearean play, with each act influencing the next.

In fact Shakespear was correct in his quote: “All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts…”

The Healing Power of Regression

Brian Weiss, a pioneer in the field of past life regression, has shown us that delving into our past lives can offer profound healing. Imagine as a skilled regression therapist guides you through the corridors of your soul’s history. This therapy has helped individuals reconnect with their soul groups, understand dynamics and heal long-standing wounds.

I’ve worked with 100’s of people over the years that have achieved healing of various kinds through regression or through accessing the Akashic Records – the history of your soul & all its incarnations held in a spiritual dimension where it can be accessed if you’re able to.

Reunion and Reflection

Now consider the idea that soul groups often reunite between lifetimes. It’s like meeting up with old friends for dinner and reflection. These reunions are a chance to review our past actions and plan our next steps on the karmic journey. These meetings are in the -in-between, or Heaven, depending on how you like to think of it, personally I like El Cielo which is Spanish for heaven or the sky.

Journey of Souls by Michael Newton Ph. D was such a revelatory book, looking at what our souls get up to between lives, explains more about Heaven and what that is like as well as expanding on how our souls operate, this isn’t some random existence!

Everyone you’ve known in this life or previous lives will be there for you in Heaven, even if you’ve not seen them for 100’s of years your soul will recognise theirs & vice-versa.


Today, you’ve embarked on a profound journey into the enigmatic realm of soul groups. Michael Newton, PhD, and Brian Weiss have provided us with valuable insights into the timeless bonds that connect us across lifetimes. The journey of the soul is a beautiful and never-ending adventure, made all the more captivating by the company of our soul groups. So, raise your glass to the mysteries of the soul, for they are as timeless & intriguing as always.

Let me know how this article affected you. Did it fry your circuits or make sense of things that had not added up before?

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