Narcissists Deserve Compassion

Narcissists Deserve Compassion. Narcissus Gazing At The Water

I’m sure you’ve heard the term ‘Narcissist’ even if you’re not entirely sure what one is! It’s quite easy to label narcissists as self-centred, manipulative individuals who seem impervious to empathy, and certainly what I’ve found across social media and blog sites it that they all seem to vilify the narcissist which strikes me as unfair, would be as harsh on those with mental health issues or those who are codependent? Most likely not. It made me think about viewing the narcissist through a different lens, one through which we can see them with the concepts of compassion, karma, and even any soul contracts between those entangled in the narcissist nightmare.

Narcissism as a Creation, Not a Choice:

To begin this journey into compassion, it’s essential to understand that narcissism is not a conscious choice. It’s not a path individuals willingly tread; instead, it’s often rooted in deep-seated insecurities, traumas, and early-life experiences. The two year old toddler is a total narcissist, they truly believe the world revolves around them, however, most children soon realise this not to be the case, those that don’t start their journey to narcissism.  Narcissists are, in a way, shaped by their past, much like the rest of us. They might have been raised in environments that lacked warmth, love, or emotional support. These early experiences can mould them into the self-absorbed personas we often encounter. It may be the opposite, their main care-giver may have made them the centre of their world; a parent unable to have any more children or a parent that loses a child leaving them to pour all their love & attention onto the remaining child.

Karma and Narcissism:

Karma suggests that our actions have consequences, whether in this life or the next. When we apply this idea to narcissism, it offers an intriguing perspective. Perhaps narcissists are reaping the fruits of their past actions, sown in previous lifetimes. Their present challenges, characterised by a lack of genuine connection and empathy, might be the karmic consequences of their past deeds.

Compassion in the Face of Karma:

Embracing compassion for narcissists in light of karma implies that instead of seeking revenge, attacking them, vilifying them or wishing ill upon them, we can choose to offer understanding and support. It’s not about justifying their actions but recognizing that they, too, are on a journey of self-discovery and evolution. By extending compassion, we might actually help break the cycle of negative karma and encourage growth and change.

Soul Contracts:

Now, let’s delve into the realm of soul contracts – a notion that suggests we make agreements at a soul level before we incarnate into this world. These contracts often involve interactions with others, designed to teach us specific lessons or help us grow spiritually. Could it be that some narcissists are playing roles outlined in these contracts, serving as mirrors for the lessons we need to learn?

If you find yourself interacting with a narcissist, consider the possibility that there’s a deeper reason for this connection. It could be an opportunity for you to practise patience, resilience, or empathy, it may be an opportunity for you to learn to value yourself or to have stronger boundaries. What if by being with a narcissist, you learn strength or maybe learn to trust your intuition more? By approaching these encounters with an open heart and a willingness to learn, you might fulfil the terms of your soul contract and help the narcissist in their journey as well. Both souls can have growth which is why we’re here after all.

Practical Compassion:

Practising compassion for narcissists doesn’t mean condoning their harmful behaviour. It means setting boundaries to protect yourself while acknowledging their humanity and struggles. It involves listening without judgement, trying to understand their pain, and encouraging them to seek professional help if necessary. Narcissists can be helped, they can stop being a narcissist, however, they do need to recognise that’s who they are and want to get help as is the case with anyone who has an issue that isn’t empowering them or others.

In Conclusion:

Compassion for narcissists is not about excusing their actions but recognizing that they, too, are products of their past and potentially participants in soul contracts. Karma suggests that their challenges might be a result of past actions, and by showing compassion, we can aid in their growth and our own spiritual evolution. Remember, the path of compassion isn’t always easy, but it is a path towards healing and understanding in a world where it is needed more than ever.

Are you a narcissist or a reformed narcissist? Do you have the battle scars from having a narcissist in your life? Tell me your story, let me know how your life has been shaped by a narcissist.

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