Tell Yourself A Better Lie

My Book Review of: ‘Tell Yourself A Better Lie’ by Marisa PeerPicture of author Marisa Peer with her latest book 'Tell Yourself A Better Lie'

Why I Read This Book

Anyone who has been part of my community for any length of time will know that I love a good podcast and as a massive bookworm, I love a good book to read. This book definitely hit the spot.

I’ve listened to the author being interviewed on a couple of podcasts and I resonated so much with her, we’re both trained hypnotherapists, and she’s created a healing technique called Rapid Transformational Therapy which has lots of similar elements to NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) but it’s also quite different from NLP. Her technique is very intuitive rather than rigid like some techniques such as CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) which follows a process and it’s not recommended to deviate from that process.

Marisa is incredibly passionate about helping people to release the trauma that is underlying any fears, phobias, or behaviours or whatever is keeping you stuck in life, in the process this may release you from any health issue which is also very aligned with what I do.

Marisa has also healed herself from two diagnoses of cancer & overcome many challenging situations in her life by harnessing the power of positive thought & language.


We all tell ourselves stories about our lives, these are our perspectives on events. They are our truth but not necessarily THE truth, although that doesn’t matter, what we view as the truth of the matter will dictate our behaviour, thinking & reality.

Do you tell yourself that you’re not good enough or that your older sibling was always the golden child or maybe you tell yourself that you’re unloved? There will be good reasons that you think that & you probably won’t even recall thinking the story up in the first place, however, once you’ve told yourself that story enough times, your brain will believe it, and this will colour your view of life and everything in it as well as influencing your actions, creating your behaviour with all the resulting outcomes positive & negative. Your relationship with yourself & others will reflect this ‘story’ that you tell yourself, your success or failure in life will be determined by your ‘story’. EVERYTHING will be created by your story.

Maris looks at how we can change that story, create a more positive, empowering one & be happy & healthy.

What I Got From It

The book is written as a series of case studies and I chose to just read one case study and put the book down rather than my usual cover-to-cover style. 

Straightaway I picked up some new methods that I could use within my work (I’ve already incorporated them with a client last week with excellent results) plus some changes I could bring to how I use my existing skillset right now.

I found that we were aligned on many things but slightly out on a couple of perspectives but we weren’t enough out of step for it to matter.

I’m also interested in expanding the techniques I am trained in because I think it would enhance my work for sure and complement my current training. It’s definitely on my list of courses I’d like to take.

Why I Recommend That You Read It

Most people do or say things without thinking about it, they don’t understand how those actions or words impact themselves or those around them. Do you have a behaviour, limiting belief or situation in your life that needs to be transformed so you can be happy? This book will be able to give you insights into why you behave or think in a certain way, but more importantly, it will demonstrate to you that you have the power to change it, it doesn’t have to control you or have power over your life. 

If you’re a therapist or counsellor then I think you’d get even more from the book, because you’ll see it from a different perspective than someone who’d benefit from self-development or some transformational work.

Where You’ll Find Marisa Peer

Marisa Peer has her own YouTube channel where you can find interviews with Marisa, hypnosis videos & talks she’s given, plus on her website you’ll find free downloads & content.


This book is 314 pages & hugely insightful whether you’re a healer, therapist or just because you’re human!

If you are someone who likes to learn about new techniques, open your mind to personal growth & development and just want to be curious about what’s out there in the alternative therapy world, you’ll love this book. It’s not a hard read at all.

Are You Ready To Transform Your Life?

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