Manifesting; The Mechanics of The Mind

Manifesting; The Mechanics of The Mind by Tracy Fance Personal & Spiritual Development Coach

Have you ever decided you needed to change a habit, or start something new such as going to the gym, dieting, saving money etc? Did you do it first time?

For some people, it’s very easy to give up a habit such as smoking or drinking, for others it failed almost as soon as it started! Over the years I’ve come across so many self-help books, blogs & podcasts where the creator is talking about how they achieved their goal and how easy they found it, imploring the reader/listener/viewer etc to follow suit. Everyone is different so the solution person to person will be different, there is one thing though that is universal and that is mindset.

Henry T Ford the car manufacturer is quoted as saying ‘If you think you can’t, you can’t, if you think you can you can’. His quote has been proven time & time again, take a look at Roger Bannister who broke the 4-minute mile, all his peers kept telling him it couldn’t be done, until he did a 4-minute mile & showed them he’d been right. The record has been broken since then & stands at 3:43 as of 1999.

There’s also the Marathon runner Eliud Kipchoge, he made a statement that he was going to go for the sub-2-hour Marathon and did it, all the experts said it couldn’t be done, now other runners are already working on beating that time.

If those two runners had come to the run with an attitude of, I can’t do this, then that is the reality they would have created, but because they came with the attitude of ‘I can do this’ they achieved it.

The human mind is such a powerful machine that as yet, we still don’t fully understand. Now, you may not be an elite runner, but if you go for a job believing you won’t get it or that running 5K is just too hard or start a diet telling yourself how impossible it will be for you to lose weight, you’re setting yourself up for failure. There are plenty of ways to overcome that though.

When I’m working with clients, I will look at their language, when you find yourself using words such as; shouldn’t, couldn’t, can’t, have to, should do, would do, try to, those are all words that the brain sees as doubt or uncertainty. If you use words such as; I am, I want to, I will, I can, etc, your brain sees those as definite, so it responds accordingly.

Our brains receive information constantly, from the second we are born, until we die. We absorb words or beliefs without even knowing it, these affect our thinking by creating false or limiting beliefs, which in turn create our behaviour, in turn these actions will hurt or upset us, causing us to make decisions that are not beneficially to us. I know that seems mad but let me give you an example:

Johnny is self-employed, his business is quite new and so he needs to increase his client base, he keeps getting to the point where he pitches a company or client but then does not get the business. When I spoke with him it became apparent that as a child, he’d been told by his parents that bragging or blowing his own trumpet was wrong, this manifested in the pitch meetings that he was too humble, he did not sing his own praises about the strengths he had or the service/product he offered, this meant that other companies who were happy to rave about their fantastic skills or products got the contract. Now, just because they were bragging, it did not mean they could deliver on their sales pitch, but they sounded great on the face of it. Poor Johnny had a stunning track record in his business, however, since he did not showcase his company track record, it cost him the contract. Johnny, could not understand that he was actually sabotaging his own business because of his parents’ words to him when growing up. They did not mean to cause him this issue, they were trying to protect him as a child from bullies or humiliation etc, however, the behaviour is outdated for him as an adult, but unless the belief or thought pattern is changed, it will keep operating.

Body language is pretty important too, if you want to show your confidence to your boss, sitting all hunched up, like to are trying to hide from him is sending a different message! Be aware of your body language matching what you wish to say.

Visualisation is highly under-rated, the brain cannot decipher the difference between real or the visualisation, so when you meditate, the lovely, tranquil beach you take yourself to, is exactly what the brain experiences, it relaxes, enjoying the sun, sea & sand. The same is true if you are reliving a violent attack or car accident, so if you have anything traumatic in your past, it is essential to process it, release it & not keep retelling the story or reliving the event.

If you combine these key components, add in some trust & gratitude & you will manifest whatever you want in life, the Universe brings us what we focus on.

If you need something new in your life or want to change something you are not happy with, it all starts in your mind, it really is a case of change your mind, change your life.

As a Personal & Spiritual Development Coach, my work always starts with what my client is thinking, both about the life they have, as well as the one they want, I can then support them in making that dream, their reality.

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