The Damage of Negative Self Talk

If I walked up to you and called you a stupid cow, how would you feel? Angry, upset, hurt? You’d be fully entitled to feel all of those. So how is it acceptable that we are allowed to talk to ourselves in this way?

Many of us use a dialogue with ourselves which is negative, demeaning, & highly critical, we undermine ourselves, we may think we don’t mean what we say to ourselves but our mind, body & soul don’t understand the difference, so what we say to ourselves is much more important than we realise.

So next time you are late, do something wrong etc, think about what you are saying to yourself, cut yourself some slack. Here’s an example;

You’re having breakfast, rushing round getting ready for work and you drop your toast, your instant reaction is ‘you silly cow’ or maybe ‘oh, you bloody idiot, look what you’ve done’. Now, that’ does not sound that harsh, however if you tell yourself something enough, your brain believes it to be true, that belief system can then have a knock-on effect, it can affect your health, your choices and the energy you give out to others, attracting people in alignment with the belief you are an idiot or stupid.

We only have to look at the experiment conducted by Dr Masuro Emoto (check out Youtube) where he sent emotions such as love, hate, anger etc, to water in petri dishes and then analysed the changes in the water, the negativity we put out to the universe really does have an effect.

By directing negativity to yourself (and others) will create dis-harmony in your energy as well as creating dis-ease over time. Many people scoff at prayers or sending healing out to the world, it really does work, the positive energy we send to ourselves and others is incredibly beneficial, try it for yourself.

So be loving to yourself, if you have forgotten to do something, try saying something like ‘goodness, I’m so busy and my head is so full, I forgot to do XYZ’ don’t berate yourself constantly. It will take time to change how you talk to yourself but it will be worth the effort.

Be aware of the voice and how it sounds, does it sound like a parent or a teacher who gave you a hard time? Is it loud or soft? Change the voice, you might want to make it sound like Mickey Mouse. Change the volume of the voice, in fact mute the voice! That might sound weird & wonderful but it is a technique I use with my clients and it really works.

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