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When winter is coming we start to think about ensuring our cars are prepared for the cold weather, we top up the antifreeze, we make sure the water washer bottle is full, check the wiper rubbers are not perished & ensure the battery is fully charged. Oddly, we don’t take the same care of ourselves!

I’ve been taking Vitamin D for almost 2 years now, I take it all year, even when it’s summer, why?

I had a really low mood, zero energy, not to mention a foggy head & just did not feel like myself, the GP offered me anti-depressants – which I declined – I insisted on a blood test which showed that my Vitamin D levels were wrong, so I sorted that out pronto and was soon back to normal. In the meantime I’ve done some research and was stunned at the impact low Vitamin D can have on us.

Vitamin D is proven to lift our mood, which is great if you suffer from SAD – Seasonal Adjustment Disorder, it may be that many people who think they have depression, actually have low Vitamin D levels. It boosts the immune system which helps prevent you getting ill in the first place. Our health service has been using Vitamin D to help Covid sufferers, and they recognised that those with good Vitamin D levels had a lower chance of contracting Covid, flu etc & if they did contract it, they recovered quicker.

Getting a good night of sleep is a huge boost to the immune system, the sleep you get between 10pm-12am is 4x better than the sleep you get after midnight. Our body repairs itself during sleep too, Vitamin D can help us to get the right sleep too so that we do repair.

It’s important to take the right levels of Vitamin D, it is recommended that we take between 400-10,000 IU per day. Vitamin D can be taken at any time of the day, I tend to take mine with breakfast, however it is a fat soluble vitamin which means you need to take it with food & preferably a meal with some fats to it such as avocado toast, fruit & yoghurt, toast with butter etc.

So that’s why I will be taking mine 365 days a year!

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