Working With Spirit: Expect The Unexpected!

“Awakened Spirit Radio Show” Last night I appeared on the Awakened Spirit Radio show which is part of Harmony Radio. The host Jewels Rafter was great company and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Now I’ve been on a few of these shows and I figured it would just be more readings as usual with a bit of background on who I am and how I work…….so imagine my surprise when Jewels wanted to focus on my passion for Reincarnation & Past Life Regression.

We talked about my beliefs and where people can find more information on this subject, at this point the producer announced we had some calls & questions in the chat room. This does not faze me having done it many times before so I was quite relaxed & raring to go but oh no, Spirit had other ideas! To my horror the first caller was expecting me to do a Past Life Reading and nothing else!!! Now in a reading I do sometimes get information about a past life but not often, and certainly not on its own….PANIC!

I took a deep breath & tuned in and amazingly I did connect to a past life for her and it all resonated for the caller, with her being able to confirm her interest in the time period I picked up and even to the extent of an issue with someone in her life now that is an issue due to past lives. Phew, that was lucky I thought to myself……Jewels then announced a question in the chat room and again I needed to tune in to a past life, to which the questioner responded that yes, it all made sense, really not sure who was more blown away me or the questioner!

During the break Jewels and I were chatting about her love for Japan even though she has not been there when suddenly I was getting all sorts of images & information but by that time we were back on air. I asked Jewels if she’d mind me getting personal which she did not and so I gave her the past life information I was given and she again confirmed it all made sense and fitted with her likes, dislikes and so on. We wrapped up the show and I was left pretty stunned and what Spirit had decided to unveil to me but it was excellent confirmation of the course I have booked being right for me as it is all about accessing the Akashic Records which is basically the library of all our past lives, our present life and the future lives we may possibly have.

My lesson was? With Spirit, totally expect the unexpected!!!! Spirit know what we need and when we just need the confidence to embrace it!

Where would you benefit in your life if you got out of your comfort zone?

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