The Gift of Mediumship

The Gift of Mediumship and How to Develop It.

As a child I always thought it would be totally cool to be psychic and I spent a great deal of time reading on every aspect of the paranormal world as a substitute for being psychic. I don’t really think at that age I understood the difference between psychic and mediumship which seems to be a common issue as many people I speak to do not know the difference or even that there is a difference! Just to clarify; psychic is the ability to divine what is going on now & in the future with somebody whereas mediumship is the ability to contact those who have passed away.

I truly see mediumship as a gift that helps so many people whether it simply reassures them from time to time or whether it is part of the healing process when having lost a close loved one. Everyone has a different need but mediumship can bring the solution in most cases but not always. Our loved ones know if it would actually make the situation worse if they communicated so they simply won’t communicate but may give messages to another family member or friend instead.

I recently read for a family whose young teenage son had died from a drug overdose (accidental) and where they are struggling to cope this has helped them, it has also raised many questions so we are now working through those metaphysical questions as this is part of the healing too and will help them to understand what has happened.

I don’t walk round seeing ghosts or dead people and I cannot produce to order either so that’s those myths out of the way! I do however find that with a photograph I can mostly connect to the person in the photo which I find incredible. People often come to me with the hope of connecting with a particular loved one so I have found that having a picture and/or a first name is really helpful to up the odds of connecting.

At present I am working on stretching my mediumship, I’m really excited by the results so far, if you’d like to be a Guinea Pig join me on my Facebook page.  There is a saying that all mediums are psychic but not all psychics are mediums – I actually no longer agree with that statement, it is about raising your vibration out of negativity, out of anger & other base feelings because Spirit cannot work with us if our vibration is too low.

If you would like to become a medium, it is quite simple to learn, just be brave and find the confidence to do it. If you need pointing in the right direction feel free to ask me where you can learn. Would you like to be able to do mediumship? Try these simple exercises and see what results you get;

  • Ask a friend or family member for a photo of a lost loved one that you don’t know anything about. Find a quiet space and ask your Guides to help you (you don’t need to know who they are), ask the loved one in question to come forward. Take 4 deep in breaths, releasing each one slowly; focus your mind on you and the senses. When you feel you are not alone feel and question if they stand to your left or your right side (right side is male & left side is female), what does the energy feel like (light & feminine or heavy & masculine), do you feel any sensations in your body? This usually tells you how they passed so pain in the heart would be heart problems etc. Just record everything & anything that pops into your head, even if you feel it is relevant to you like an old memory as it can all be representative of information about the person you are connecting with. Write it all down and ask the person who gave you the photo to validate the information. Ask for a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ or even a ‘don’t know’ as they may need to check things, don’t be disappointed if you can’t validate it all, just learn to trust what you get.
  • Sit with a person who is willing to work with you. Relax using the deep breathing and either hold hands with the person sitting for you, hold an object (psychometry) or just sit & tune in, they will all work. Give everything you get, do not filter it and if you can record it so you can check back later. Ask the sitter to just say yes/no/don’t know so you are not lead by the information. Say what you see, feel, hear and simply know as these will all provide input, you may even taste or smell information too.
  • If you already work on a psychic level, do a reading in your usual way but before doing the reading invite loved ones in for the sitter and be aware of what you feel, see, hear & know, don’t filter it. Try to do this with every reading even if you don’t make the sitter aware you will be doing it (reduces the pressure).

You will need to practice this as much as possible to find all the nuances, to build your trust in your abilities and to build your own library of symbology and meanings. I still now find that I get things when communicating which I have not had before such as a rare illness that lead to their passing, unusual occupations and very odd memories not to mention smells I can’t place so the practice is essential for those occasions as your trust will carry you forward with the information.

Leave feedback here of how you get on, I’d love to hear your stories.

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  1. Thank-you Tracy for your reading Saturday,it took me on a little bit further i know,(takes a time to digest and in a way work out ,but maybe best not to try too hard with that!), and this piece is extremely helpful to me at this time , bless you,love Diannex

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