8 Signs You Are A Healer

8 Ways to Know You Are A Healer

  • Your hands get hot/cold/itchy when around those that need healing
  • People open up to you about their problems whether you ask them to or not!
  • Animals are drawn to you, irrespective of whether you are an animal lover or not!
  • You always want to ‘fix’ people, situations, & problems
  • You are more give then take, often to a fault
  • You take on the pain or ailments of others when you are around them
  • You are drawn to alternative healing practices such as homeopathy, Reiki etc
  • You are drawn to professions where healing is core; nursing, caring, fostering, teaching, charity work,

Any of these sound familiar? These are all clues that there is a healer in you wanting to get out. So now what?

I spent many years like many others being told during a reading that I was a healer or that I had healing hands etc, at the time I recall thinking that it did not really resonate for me although I had wanted to be a nurse up until I was around 10 years old, I also went to St John Ambulance, however it did not feel right so I assumed that they were all wrong (obviously). When I reached my twenties I took a course in hands on or spiritual healing with the National Federation of Healers (NHSH) but my motivation was actually that I wanted to tap into my psychic abilities, having been told this would happen if I learned to be a healer off I went.

I enjoyed learning spiritual healing which was not cheap at £500 for the course; however the NFSH wanted to charge lots of money to be certificated on top of the certificated course I’d already done just so I could say I met their requirements, otherwise I could not use what I’d learned, being quite stubborn I resented the NFSH dictating what I could or could not do so sadly I never really did anything more with the training.

It was years later in 2009 that I trained as a Reiki Practitioner & eventually a Master by which time I’d well and truly discovered my psychic abilities! I was drawn to Reiki because it had structure, it was old yet it did not have the rigidity of the NFSH healing, it is very intuitive to practice and I really enjoy working with it.

I do more teaching these days than treatments but I really enjoy that aspect so it suits me being able to share my love of Reiki with others.

Reiki is much more than just healing ailments though, if you choose to become a Reiki practitioner you will find out what a broad range of uses Reiki can be used for including healing events in the past, present or future, objects such as car batteries, food, clothing & other articles, the only limits are those you place on yourself.

There are many ways to heal, it is not all about being a doctor or nurse. Barmaids and waitresses often end up healing customers who are sad, lonely and hurting. Counsellors and therapists heal, as do psychic readers, Life Coaches and many other roles so think outside the box. Most everything is not the final destination as much as it is the starting point of your journey. Take the first step, keep an open mind and see where it goes, I certainly did not expect to be where I am right now!

Fancy learning Reiki? Have a  look at the Reiki courses I offer or get in contact with me now.


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