Are Our Loved Ones In Spirit Safe?

As a medium I read for many people who’ve lost someone they care about, there is a common theme that I have come across regardless of how the loved one died, regardless of age or status, and that is the sitters concern for the welfare of the person they’ve lost.

I have been spiritual since I was a child, reading whatever books I could get my hands on, asking tons of questions of those that knew more than I, as well as using my own experiences & knowledge to help me understand the spiritual dimension we know as Heaven or the afterlife.

People need to know that the person they loved and lost is safe, that they are not suffering anymore. There is a need to know they are not alone & scared, wherever they may be.

Have you ever gone away on holiday, and on arrival phone or text your family/friends to let them know you’ve arrived safely? Well our loved ones can do the same from Spirit, we just need to look around us for the message.

We live in a modern world where we are less religious than we have ever been and have little or no knowledge of the afterlife. If you go back to the dawn of time we believed in the Gods of the sun the moon and earth and everything else the gods governed, plus we had a strong belief in the afterlife, whereas in modern times we tend to be very sceptical on the whole subject, the downside of which is that when we face the death of a loved one we have nothing to support us.

I struggle as much as anyone else when I lose someone I care about, however my belief and understanding of life after life, reincarnation and the spiritual laws mean that I can take comfort from that knowledge and know my loved ones are safe, in fact they are the best they will ever be as when our soul returns home we can let go of the pain & hurt we sustain here on earth. We let go of the anger, bitterness & emotional pain caused by the experiences life brings us. We are reunited with all the souls we have known regardless of whether our earthly-self fell out with those loved ones or were not close this time round.

Whatever our soul contract or soul purpose we will be welcomed back by our soul family, all issues caused in life are wiped away as we are all party to the bigger picture, no resentment is held on to, no anger exists, we are able to heal our soul and ready for our next adventure, our next incarnation.

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