Grief, Sorrow & Soul Groups

Grief, Sorrow & the Soul Group…

We went through a period at the start of 2018 where we lost many famous people as well as those people who had a huge impact on our world in the time they were here, although this is natural, we are all going to die at some point it struck me that we grieve for many of these souls as though we were family or friend to them, yet for many of us our only relationship is through a camera lens or texts they have written or been the subject of.

I also found it strange that we would lose these icons in clusters as though they arrived together and were leaving together at the end of their shift.

For many of us who are grief stricken at news of an icon dying it is more than simply growing up with their music, acting, writing or whatever else we identify them with, it is as though a part of our soul has died with them.

In March we heard about the death of Stephen Hawking, this produced an outpouring of affection & tributes to his brilliance which came in from all over the globe, however I remember feeling particularly grief stricken at his passing. Now I can’t tell you a great deal about what he did or even how he did it, I knew of him and that’s really the extent of my connection to him. The level of grief I experienced made me sit back and really think about why I should feel this way.

We all form part of a Soul Group, reincarnating time and time again with those members of our Soul Group, it came to me then that when we lose someone that we do not ‘know’ as such, we can still feel the loss on a soul level, our soul recognises their soul even if we do not know them on a conscious level.

We live in a world where we expect everything to be logical, linear and scientific, yet we are still the intuitive creatures we were a millennium ago, when our instincts kept us alive.

Next time a soul passes and you feel a level of grief out of keeping with your expectations, look at that soul and really SEE them.

Imagine how it must feel to lose your Twin Flame, even if you did not meet & recognise them!

So, as a result of my reflections I truly believe we can feel the loss of a member of our soul group, we can sense the change in the energy of the remaining members on the earth plane, we are all connected energetically.

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