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moneySo, Christmas has been and gone, & our thoughts are already turning to the coming year, the credit card bills that will be coming through in the post, rising utility bills & mortgages and the general rising cost of living too, plus I’m sure you’re still recovering from Xmas financially too, sound about right? I’ve been asked a few times about readings for abundance and finances already, so I thought I’d give you my top tips to help create abundance in your life.

Abundance is not just money though, it’s health, wealth & happiness. The dictionary definition is ‘A very large quantity of something’.

1. Positive Mental Attitude

So, you’re skint, the bills keep coming in, they’re getting bigger & bigger, but your income isn’t, right? Some of the bills are expected some not, why do the boilers always pack up when you need it the most eh? This is the exact point at which you are full of positivity and thinking really positive, NOT!

Now is the time to work on changing your thought processes, it’s all too easy to be thinking ‘why me, why now’? Instead think of it from a different angle. Let’s take an example;

You’ve got £50 extra in your bank account – lo and behold an unexpected bill comes in and that £50 is now gone, all dreams of a new outfit or dinner out are gone. The Universe sent you the £50 so you would have it!!! See, positive spin that you can be grateful for. Don’t forget to thank the Universe.

Sometimes good does come from negative situations, you may break down but end up marrying the recovery driver who comes to help you or become really great friends with someone at the food bank or through other circumstances. We knew a lady who went to the Congo as an aid worker, she fell, breaking her leg so a medivac helicoptered in to take her to hospital, she went on to marry the pilot, what are the odds there! So what could have been a terrible time for her, really wasn’t!

On a daily basis though, think positive that the new job with the higher pay is coming or the promotion you went for will come your way. Stop the negative thought patters such as ‘oh, great, skint again’ or ‘I’m never going to see things improve’ or ‘different year, same old crappy finances’ or whatever your inner dialogue is that sounds negative.

It really does help to make you feel better if you are thinking positively. You don’t need to be Pollyanna or wear rose tinted glasses, just more balanced.

2. Attitude of Gratitude

Find things to be grateful for, even if it is just that you are here, there are many people who we’ve lost over the years who’d love to still be here!

Try using a box or jar and every day write down something you are grateful for and then drop it in the box or jar. If you are visual, create a gratitude vision board with all the things you are grateful for, you can use photos or bits from magazines or simply print pictures from the internet to represent your needs. You’ll be surprised how much good is in your life, recognising it will help lift your mood.

3. Law of Attraction

We draw to us what we think about, how many days have you started the day by getting breakfast down your top or dropped your toast on the floor or similar? What’s your response; ‘glad that’s all out of the way’ or ‘oh, great, that’s it today is going to be terrible’? How often are you manifesting a terrible day? Pull yourself up short and change what you are ordering from the Universe. (Law of Attraction).

If we spend lots of time thinking about the bills or our lack of money, the Universe hears that and sends more of it! So, think of money flowing in (don’t worry about where the money will come from), think of the happiness and abundance that you want in your life. Focus on the gratitude board of what you are grateful for and you’ll get more of the same. I worked with a client who was unable to pay their rent, we did this exercise & she kept trying to figure out where the money could possibly come from, she eventually just let it go & trusted it would come, the next day she rang me to say she’d had a rebate from the council because they’d charged her business rates but her businesses premises excluded from any business rates so she should never have been paying them, she got £5000 back in her bank account & was ecstatic!

Try some affirmations, these are positive statements, if you repeat them to yourself enough times you will change your thought processes. My favourite for finances is ‘for every penny I spend it comes back to me 3-fold’.

Another great one is ‘I have abundance; my life is full’.

Affirmations should always be in the past or present tense, never future i.e. ‘I will…’ as the future could be years away!

4. Meet Spirit Halfway

If you need a job or need more clients, it’s no good just sitting thinking about the need, Spirit need you to meet them halfway, Alan Sugar won’t just happen to call you with a job offer! Send out the intent for the new job or more clients and then take action, then the results will come.

5. Crystal Grids

You can create crystal grids around the outside of your house, use a dinner tray or even glue crystals to a canvas. Nip to your new age shop or psychic fayre and get some tumbled crystals. You want the crystals that help with abundance and prosperity;

Amazonite, Pyrite, Green Aventurine, Green Moss Agate, Green Jade, Clear Quartz, Citrine, Rose Quartz, Selenite, Ruby & Emerald are good too. The crystal seller will be able to help you pick the correct crystals.

They can be in any order and you don’t need to go mad and buy them all! Choose the ones you are drawn to.

6. Crystals in Your Purse/Shop Till

Put shards of crystals in the cash register or your purse, Citrine is great as is Green Aventurine, both are perfect for bringing abundance. In fact, any of the stones mentioned above work but this combination works for me. You can also draw the figure 8 on a piece of paper and pop that in the till or purse, it is the sign for infinity and is great Feng Shui and work with the crystals.

7. Money Blocks

Most of us have money blocks, even if we don’t realise it, these may be buried in the past such as your childhood or may be as a result of other people’s attitude around you now such as people resenting you earning good money, or ‘getting too big for your boots’.

You may feel you don’t deserve better finances or to earn lots of money. You may feel that your family has always had nothing and that, that will continue with you and your children.

Maybe you’ve been brought up or have had experiences that have you believing that people with money are rude or arrogant and that you don’t like rich people. So why would you want to be rich and not liked? Your behaviour is going to follow your thoughts, either avoiding or sabotaging anything that could possibly make you finincially successful but unlikeable! You may consciously be desperate to make money, but your subconcious is having it’s own agenda which is to protect you.

Maybe you feel you need to be brainy or talented to earn better money? These are all limiting beliefs and they create blocks. When you see people, who’ve come from nothing to be somebody, that can be you, but not if those blocks stay in place. If you’d like to change those beliefs, check out my Money Mastery workshop.

8. Vows/Curses

Many of us will have issues due to past life vows or curses. We may have taken Holy orders during a life as a nun or monk, or we may have been a penitent who eschewed wealth, when we took the vow, we meant it from the heart and because it is so heartfelt it can spill over into another life, it’s not meant to carry forward with us. Many of us will have had a life as a woman where we had nothing, everything went to our husbands or even Guardians and other relatives due to the fact women had no right to inherit or to have wealth until the 1800’s. These are marriages that emasculated you, at the time you may have accepted this or resented this, you may even have been ‘fleeced’ by the relatives who were there to look out for you.

Some of us will have been part of cults or cultures where wealth was frowned on. More modern souls who’ve reincarnated may have been unhappy lottery winners, being driven mad by the sudden wealth or even committing suicide to escape it – that’s a hell of a money block right there! Feeling cursed through wealth from previous lives could easily have drawn a curse or vow from you – look at John Paul Getty Junior, (the heir who got kidnapped & had an ear cut off) that money brought him nothing but misery, it would be understandable if he swore to come back poor next time!

A simple cord cutting, or vow removal ceremony can help release anything we have carried over that we should not have.

9. Karma

If it is our karma to experience difficulties or hardship that does not mean we cannot change it, we just need to address the lesson, figure out what we need to gain from it then we can wave goodbye to it and focus on another lesson – we don’t generally incarnate with the one lesson!

We can always look at the Akashic Records to find out about Karma and vows that you may have in this life.

10. Hoarding

Are you a hoarder? Do you keep things ‘just in case I need them’? If you hold on to things, you are sending a message to the Universe that you ‘have enough’, it may not be enough of the right stuff, but the Universe will miss the subtle difference! So, give it away to people who need it more, sell it on Ebay – that will help finances!!!! Go to a boot fair or just bag it up and give to charity.

Hoarding is also an insecurity, it is a belief that there will not be provision for you in the future.

So, have a look at your life, your money blocks, your behaviour and make some changes, you will see positive changes across many areas of your life. Make the coming year your best yet.

Good luck!

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