Echoes of The Past

Echoes of The Past

During my psychic readings, Reikihypnotherapy sessions I often find that past life issues in the client’s life will come to the surface, sometimes this may be intentional on the client’s part or mine but sometimes it is spontaneous. People often say to me ‘If the past has already happened what use is it now?’

Our past lives can influence our behaviour now, sometimes it can be subtle, other times it is anything except subtle! This can be minimised or neutralised once we recognise its presence.

So how can we tell if issues in our lives now are rooted in a past life or simply caused in this current incarnation? Have a look at these areas, some of it may resonate with you, in which case this is your truth.

1 Soul Families/Soul Groups

Imagine you are at school and your class will stay together from birth to death, you will learn to love, hate, laugh, hurt & everything else in between during your time together, this is what our Soul Group or Soul Family is like, except we will repeat this class, this group, over many lifetimes, sometimes repeating mistakes, sometimes repeating patterns, sometimes making great leaps forward in our evolution. We will hold different roles with each other in each of our lives; mother/father, son/daughter, lover, friend/enemy, protagonist/antagonist, brother/sister etc. Over the many lives we have we will experience them all.

We have Soul Contracts with these people to varying degrees, some may be major contracts, others may be minor but they are still important to the puzzle.

A great way to get information on past lives is to sit quietly for a few minutes, tune in to your Higher Self (this is the aspect still in Heaven, that has not incarnated, it remains in Heaven to guide you, if you choose to listen) & simply ask the Higher Self to give you the name of someone with whom you have a Soul Contract in this life, ask to be given as much information as possible. This may come to you visually, you may hear the words, you may just suddenly think about someone you know or just ‘know’ that a particular person is important in this life.

How many times have you met someone and taken an instant dislike, with no apparent reason for it? How many people have you met and instantly ‘clicked with’ feeling as though you have known them forever, even if it’s the first time you’ve met? These are the key members of your Soul Group this time round.

Many of my client’s say they have met their ‘Soul Mate’ or ‘Twin Flame’ yet find the relationship is rife with challenges, just because you feel there was a past life romantic connection, it does not mean it is meant to happen again in this life. Base your relationships on the connection in this life NOT the past, it will only lead to heartache if you don’t listen to your gut.

2 Soul Purpose

Have you ever heard about or known someone who was like a ‘duck to water’ from an early age? People like Mozart who were playing music & writing at the age of 4. Those who found a talent, gift or passion young in life will be responding to their soul’s purpose. If you feel you do not know your soul purpose, look at your interests & passions that have been with you a long time. Years ago I was trying to work out mine, I realised I’d been obsessed with past lives & reincarnation since I was 6 years old. When others were reading Janet & John I was reading on my obsessions! It is what drove me to become a hypnotherapist, as I wanted to be able to regress people to their past lives it is also why I am so passionate about Soul Contracts & the Akashic Records (the record that holds all past lives, current lives & potential future lives) and being able to help others to do this work. Look at the children you’ve known, did you ever find yourself remarking on a fascination of theirs; ‘must have been on the stage in a previous life’ or ‘must have been a writer at some point’ we say it tongue in cheek but we are responding to a deeper knowing, does that make sense?

3 Anything That Brings You Joy & Happiness

Our soul is drawn to what makes it happy, it may not consciously understand why but intuitively it knows. I held a class the other day showing people how to access the Akashic Records, one of the ladies found out in a reading she had been a herbalist, the wise woman of the village until she was carted off by the inquisition! This made her gasp, as she smilingly revealed she loves herbs in this life, is passionate about eating all things natural and that she is happiest when in the garden pottering. What makes you smile in your life?

If you want insight, repeat the exercise from above, sit and talk to you Higher Self and ask for insight on what you have brought into this life from a past life that brings you joy. It may be children, music, singing, solitude etc, etc.

4 Dreamland

When you were a child or even as an adult, did you have dreams or fantasies of being a particular person? A scientist, knight, princess, priest/priestess, actor, dancer, Minstrel, or bard? These are most likely to be snippets of past lives that you are able to access, so take a course, join a club or start your own if necessary, read books on the subject and find out how you can tap into the past skills and knowledge. This is something that can be done in the Akashic Records, imagine if you were Mozart in a previous life and could bring that skill into this life, it can be done! Again, ask your Higher Self for guidance.

5 Spiritual Homes

How many times have you been to a place that you know is new to you, yet at the same time feels incredibly familiar, feeling more like home than home? This can be coupled with Deja vu, all making you feel as though you have come back to an old home, this may be in a different country too, my spiritual home is Carcassonne, which is south west France, it is so like home, I feel rested there, it is my oasis.

Is there a country you are obsessed with or yearn to visit but you don’t know why? Do you only feel alive when you are by the sea or in the hills? Don’t feel at home where you grew up? Been a nomad all your life, unable to put down roots? Sound familiar? This is all indicative of your spiritual home being elsewhere to where you live now.

6 Blocks & Issues

There are things in life we have no control over, but there are more areas we do have control over, look for the behaviour or patterns that stop us from being who we wish to be or having what we want to have in life. Maybe we have carried old behaviour patterns from a past life into this life. Imagine that you were treated poorly in a previous life and because of that you never have high expectations, you always expect to have less than others, this needs to be cleared.

Imagine a previous life where you took holy orders (it happened a lot in centuries past), you would have taken a vow of ‘poverty, chastity & obedience’, in this life do you have issues gaining or holding on to money & wealth? Do you have issues with your sexuality such as sex addictions or an aversion to sex or shame in connection to it? Do you do what you are told even when your gut is telling you not to? Many people will have these issues and others, all of which are rooted in the past. Imagine the Galileo’s of the world who were persecuted for their beliefs as the church viewed them as heresy, they may not be so keen in another life to put their head above the parapet for fear of the repercussions, however, it is possible to go back and heal this situation if your past experiences are holding you back now. Your Higher Self can help you here too.

Need Help?

It is possible to create the life you want, to change anything that is not for your highest good, sometimes we need help though, as a qualified hypnotherapist & Akashic Records reader I am able to give you the tools you need to break free of the past. Have a look at my website for more info or give me a call.

Good luck on your journey.

Tracy Fance

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