Healing With The Akashic Records

Healing with the Akashic Records 

What Are the Akashic Records?

The records are a separate dimension which contains the soul journey of each & every soul that ever existed, containing the information of their lives – past, present & potential futures.

Why Do They Exist?

The records exist so that those on a high enough vibration or who are spiritually enlightened enough are able to access the information to facilitate further enlightenment & progress in their life & for the helping of others on their path.

How Can the Records Heal?

The records themselves are inanimate, they do not physically do anything, they are simply a tool to be used in various ways.

Let’s look at Laura;

Laura came to me for a reading and subsequently came back to me for a few sessions of Reiki, at the third session I kept feeling we’d balanced Laura’s blocks that were based in her life yet we were not clearing a major emotional block. Whenever I worked on Laura’s Root Chakra and Earth Star Chakra we both noticed she became emotional. I really felt as though she was holding back a wracking sob and when we compared notes afterwards Laura agreed.

Because this was happening I decided to tap into her Akashic Records, I asked Laura’s Higher Self for permission as I did not wish to disturb Laura during the Reiki session for permission. Whilst in the records I was shown there was an event in a previous life where Laura Past (let’s try to make this easy to follow) had an emotional trauma at age 26, this involved the loss of a child. I felt this loss was compounded at the same age in Laura Now’s life.

After bringing Laura Now back form the Reiki session I asked her about what happened at age 26 in her life now and she could think of a few things but really was not sure on timings but said she’d go think about it. I also spoke to her of the child she lost as Laura Past and she said she’d always been convinced that in this life she would never be a mother and as she is in her middle 30’s felt that she was justified in this thinking. I also felt that the incident in the life of Laura now would have been emotionally disproportionate to the actual events as I felt the emotions of Laura Past would of compounded the grief in Laura Now’s life, as though it were bleeding though time and affecting her now.

We agreed that I would meditate and do a fuller visit to the Akashic Records & send Reiki to the past life too. I took some time to visit the records on Laura’s behalf & I was shown that in this previous life Laura had been married and had a child, her husband worked for a company with sugar plantations in the West Indies (much like Tate & Lyle), Laura Past’s husband was sent to work on the plantation with her & the child following later as they had loose ends to tie up here. Laura & her child took the journey, which took some time. After arriving at the plantation, it transpires her husband had contracted an illness & died (this had taken many people not just her husband). Whilst making arrangements to be taken home again the child contracted the same illness and also died, all of this happened to Laura Past when she was 26. She was so devastated at her loss that her grief incapacitated her causing an emotional breakdown.

Upon giving this information to Laura Now she was able to recall that she had two relationships that broke up close together which left her devastated, this would have transpired around the age of 26 and her grief at the loss of the relationship was indeed out of proportion to the circumstances of the relationships & their endings, especially as it was her choice to end it. Ever since this point her life had felt like an emotional bomb had gone off and she just could not find anything to resolve matters, she’d tried retreats, self-development, readings, meditation and other methods.

How Do You Heal This?

Laura Now and I agreed that we would do a joint session where we would access the records and create a meeting with Laura Past & Laura Now so that Laura Now could show Laura Past that there was no need to hold onto the grief anymore, that the grief belonged in the past and not in the present. It was also an opportunity to tell Laura Past that she has been reunited with both her husband and child in other lives and so to let the grief go as the separation was only temporary. Laura Now was also able to see that the emotions she had been carrying did not belong to her and thus by letting go of them, she could simply work on any remaining blocks from this life. It also meant that she could be emotionally ready for another relationship & be open to having a family.

The power of the Akashic Records is such that it can help with most issues as they can be firmly in the past and need to stay there or there may be behaviour in the present life that can be changed after seeing the Akashic Records, all you need do is have a desire to bring positive change and to be open-minded.

I offer Akashic Records Readings as well as training so if you would like to learn to access the records for yourself please have a look at my Akashic Records workshops, or if you’d just like a reading then contact me to arrange a meeting.

I hope this article was of interest.

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