Remembering Your Past Life: A Simple Guide

Remembering Your Past Life: A Simple Guide ” We’ve compiled a list of things to help you tap into your previous life in order for you to live your current life to the fullest and with much contentment, purpose, and reason.“
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People choose to believe many things about life and death. Many people are still under the belief that, in a way or some other, people have lived another completely different lives before, and we are a result of reincarnation.  Reincarnation can be traced back to the roots of many religions around the globe. It is the belief that you and your soul is reborn into another body after your death. For people like us who choose to believe this, we are always on the lookout for ways on how we can make sense of our present life by understanding and reconnecting with our past lives. There are people who are good at giving a past life reading if you wish to know more, but today, we are providing you with ways on how you can remember your past life.

Perhaps, there are times when you are left to wonder why you could not remember your past life. This is entirely normal, even with our current lives, there are memories that remain blurry. People believe that our ability to easily forget is actually the universe doing us a favour—a cosmic mercy, perhaps. Our brains tend to be weak, brittle, and are only expected to do simple and normal things. Our funny little brains would find it really hard to process memories of both our current and past lives simultaneously. Imagine the work it would take to process memories and feelings that come with them of doubts, pains, rejections, humiliations, success, fears, and joys. It would make a sane mind completely mad in no time.

Our recollections—both from our current and past lives—are kept protected and locked into the deepest parts of our minds to protect us, but this is not to say that we are no longer able to summon these memories and make sense of them. Perhaps, you could not help but wonder how you are irrationally afraid of heights? Do you abhor people who put too much sugar in their coffee? Do you have an apparent and sometimes unexplained love for buildings and architecture? These things—the things you love, the things you hate—are not matters of accident. The way you are now is a product of events that happened in your past lives.

If you are to unravel the mysteries of your past life, you would need to effort, dedication, and discipline. Also, keep in mind that abusing it does not help you in any way. We have compiled a list of things to help you tap into your previous life in order for you to live you current life to the fullest and with much contentment, purpose, and reason.

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Taking notes helps

Taking notes in general goes a long way. This way, you can write whatever you notice and feel on a notebook so you could keep track of small pieces of information no matter how they are seemingly irrelevant. This would eventually help you lift the curtain of mysteries that shroud your previous life so you can understand your current life better.

There are memories that come to you in strange ways. For example, you are out on a hiking trip, and upon reaching the peak, you feel you are at home, that you are at ease. You feel that by being on top of a mountain and being able to see the world from above makes you feel powerful, something you haven’t felt before. Take note of this feeling. It is possible that mountains are a huge deal and clue to your past life.

Think about and adjust your belief system

While many religions across the globe believe in reincarnation, there are places that even the slight discussion of it would mean denial and even punishment. Before anything else, you would need to reevaluate your belief system and adjust accordingly. Without believing about reincarnation is possible, your recollection will become truly hard, impossible even. You may still retain the old teaching from your religion, but keeping an open mind about the world is a far better choice.

Turn on your dream state

You will find that this is not a difficult thing to do. Even for those of you who have not tried this, you will be able to do this easily. Right before going to bed, you may start reading everything that you have written so far on your notebook and ask the universe to give you bits of memory from your past life. This is a request, not a demand, and keep this in mind while you say it. If you are keen and serious about it, you will dream about it in sleep. Your notebook should always be next to you in case you wake up with details to list. If it does not happen on the first night, do not despair. Try again on the next night, and do not lose hope. Practice is important. Doing this each and every night, noting down of bits of information will definitely get you somewhere in the long run.

Learn from the mistakes of the past

These memories that are given to us are a glimpse of how well or how poorly we’ve had lived in the past. And remembering your past life will be for nothing if you choose not to extract valuable lessons from it. Understand the situation and the memories presented. What could you have done better? Would you become a better person now if you had chosen different in your past life? Your dreams are only small parts of who you were, but they are enough reason to realise that becoming a better person in your current life is far more important. Our freedom of access, though not easy at first, is given to us as a gift, and it is for a reason: by allowing us to take a peek into our previous lives, we are encouraged to become better versions of ourselves, to create happier and better memories, and to love and accept more people.

Have you recently tried to get in touch with your past life? How did it go? Did it enlighten you? Feel free to leave your comments below!

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