Angel Babies

Angel Babies

Are you one of the millions of ladies who have lost a baby? Whether it be an early miscarriage, stillborn or that they were not here for long after birth, the trauma is huge. You may have been lucky enough to have had a full term baby with no issues but that probably has not stopped you thinking about what might have been, whether you think about their birthdays, wonder what their life would have been like and so on. I’m sure you have found that you are not alone on that.

From the people I meet and read for this can be a very painful subject, yet at the same time, so many of them also believe these souls are with them still.

What Are Angel Babies?

When a baby does not go to full term or dies very young, their soul is still active, many mothers say they feel, see or know their babies are with them still, is this wishful thinking or reality?

It could be wishful thinking but there are so many stories of these babies staying close by their families that it is hard to think they are all wishful thinking. I know in my readings with clients, babies often pop into say hi and to let me and their families know they are close by.

Why Are They Here?

There are various reasons why these angel babies stay close by & they can take on a variety of roles;


Your babies soul may have agreed to act as a Guide for a sibling, here on earth, who needs a bit of assistance in their life, a child is much more trusting of another child and so they will become friends across the veil. The child on the earth plane may have a challenging role this time round, or they may just struggle with being a little person again after having ended their previous life as an adult, admit it, if you went to sleep adult and woke up as a baby with no control, how disorientating would that feel?

Children under the age of 5, are able to recall past lives, life-between-life and so much more, this tends to fade as they get older, if you can get them to talk about it and keep an open mind you will learn quite a bit!

Imaginary Friends

I often get told by a loved one during a reading that a baby who passed is coming to visit their siblings, they might talk to them or play with them which is why your baby is so chatty at night or good at imaginative play, it also explains ‘imaginary friends’. So don’t dismiss your child when they tell you they have an imaginary friend, this is not an over active imagination, nor do you need to be afraid, there is nothing scary or dangerous here, just siblings playing together.

Guardian Angels

A soul may stay around you as a guardian angel, this is not so common but does happen. There are many stories of people having messages and warnings from their babies in spirit, keeping them and family members safe from harm.

Family Member

Many people who’ve lost a baby say they are aware of the baby or babies being with them at family events, such as an important family holiday, birthday, anniversary, whilst it is sad that they are not physically part of the family, for mums and dads it is comforting to know their family is all together still.

Know that if there is a Soul Contract in place between you and a baby that did not make it to the earth plane, this will be fulfilled in another way. The soul that is meant to come to you, may come in a later pregnancy, a close friend or family member may have a baby that feels more like a son or daughter to you and they will achieve what they need to through that relationship. They may even come as a step-child, foster child or adoption, so know that those of us who are meant to be together will be together.

Can I Communicate With Them?

You can still talk to the soul of the baby you lost, you can do it in your head or out loud, it makes no difference as they will hear you either way. You can call your voicemail on your phone if that feels less weird? Journaling or writing letters to them can help too.

You can ask for signs you baby is around you or get guidance on any issues too.

Whatever your story, know that your baby is safe and will be looked after by your loved ones who’ve passed already. Take comfort from them still being a family to you.

I hope this article has helped you, it’s a very emotional subject, not to mention painful too, it is easier to talk about these issues now than it has ever been.

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