Are Psychics The New Life Coaches?

There are those saying that life coaches are the new alternative to therapy or counselling which I would disagree with as we have different roles, a life coach may have a counselling qualification, however a coach is really there to help you form strategies to achieve your goal or help you change a belief or behaviour that is not serving you, whilst a counsellor is there to help you with trauma or psychological issues.

Life Coaches are not a new phenomena, the term actually dates back to the 1980’s, so more than 40 years! What has changed is society, people are more open to knowing that if they need to accomplish something, doing it on their own may not bring the results they desire, by using a Life Coach they increase the success rate of their goals & plans. Coaches are also brilliant at being the objective observer, most people don’t tend to see theirselves the way others do, the same with situations, ‘can’t see the wood for the trees’ springs to mind.

I have used a Life Coach myself a couple of times, both times they helped me get clarity on an issue where I simply could not see the solution, of course once they pointed it out, it was blindingly obvious, just not until they helped me.

There is a rise in people wanting to work more holistically, rather than the western medicine approach – treat the symptoms – they want to get to the root of things, they want to make sure any changes are an ecological fit with the rest of their life.

Many Life Coaches are psychics, mediums or intuitive healers too, this fits really well for those wanting to work in a holistic way to make change and see what their future will be like as a result, we’re also more likely to use meditation than medication.

When I work with a client, I work very intuitively, my life coaching is not a one size fits all service, I may use the same techniques and processes but no two clients will get exactly the same experience.

As an intuitive, my role is to see, hear or feel what they are not telling me, whether that’s because it is not relevant in their eyes, they’ve forgotten or they simply were unaware of the information. Quite often the issue will come up in their psychic reading, I can then apply my coaching skills to transform the issue and create a different mindset, behaviour or belief, thus creating a different life for the client.

In the main, I work with spiritually minded women with health issues such as fibromyalgia, helping them to heal holistically. I use NLP, plus a range of spiritual practices to empower self-healing, giving them back their power, changing their health so they get to live the life they desire. Working holistically, I focus on their mind, body & spirit, the client does all the work, I am just the guide throughout the process. If you’d like to know more, why not book a complimentary 30 minute chat

I would say that coaching has appealed to psychics & mediums because it can be very intuitive which is a natural fit for us, plus, I know I speak for many of my colleagues when I say that we want to help our clients as much as possible, coaching is a great, not to mention, natural fit for us. Psychic readings are not simply a case of telling people there is a new job coming, sit tight & Alan Sugar or Elon Musk will call you with a job offer! As psychics we will see the new job as a potential, we’ll also be able to help the client to overcome their self-worth issue so they can give the best interview possible to get the role & excel at it.

So are psychics the new life coaches? I think the answer is not unless they’ve added life coaching to their skill set, although, within readings there is a lot of coaching for many readers, however, the skills needed to help people make change is a different set of skills, to be the best & most effective, ensure you find a psychic who has Life Coaching qualifications too. There are various types, I hold: Transformational Coaching, Personal Coaching, Strategic Coaching, NLP & Hypnotherapy qualifications among others. Not sure? Ask me or do some in-depth research, be aware though, there is no regulation in the UK, all bodies are voluntary.

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