Why Hypothyroidism Occurs; The Emotional Roots

Thyroid Dysfunction

As a Psychic Coach working with people who have health issues, I see lots of people with thyroid issues, including myself! As a teacher, when I’m working with the chakras, more often than not, the attendees will have an issue when we work on the throat chakra. What do you think they all have in common? They are predominantly women!

I work on the metaphysical level of health – metaphysical just means beyond the physical – just think of it as a deeper layer of knowledge about a health issue.

Let’s start by looking at what the thyroid actually is: Our thyroid gland is an endocrine gland, it is butterfly shaped & can be found in the front of the throat, straddling the trachea or wind-pipe. Our thyroid, when working correctly, secretes the hormone thyroxine, which controls our metabolism.

The two main conditions here are an underactive thyroid (hypo-thyroidism) which at its extreme can lead to Hashimoto’s Disease or overactive (hyper-thyroidism) which in the extreme can lead to Grave’s Disease.

I’m sure you are sick of hearing that everything seems to be stress related, and this is no exception, sorry! Stress is the response our body makes to situations that make us feel uncomfortable or that we find painful. When we are in this response, our adrenals become stressed – this is known as fight-flight-freeze – and our thyroid pauses.

You may have noticed that I mentioned the chakras earlier, specifically the throat chakra, this is the chakra which directly influences the thyroid (and anything else in the same area as the throat chakra).

Our throat chakra is all about self-expression; our thoughts, feelings, creativity, personality etc. Women seem to be less able to express their true self.

Emotional Roots:

With hypo-thyroidism it is often the case that you have felt pressure from outside influences to do more & more, to need to accomplish more than others, however, for those suffering from hypo-thyroidism, those pressures may have had the opposite effect, instead, making you feel overwhelmed & strung out by too much pressure. You may have felt that what was expected of you was out of reach, making you feel you’d rather give up than face failure & disappointment.

You may not have had the support & love you needed in order to build your self-confidence. You may have felt that nobody believed in you, those close to you did not acknowledge your strengths or good qualities, instead, influential people around you tended to focus on your weaknesses. These influential people may have verbally insulted or offended you, with the intention of motivating you to do better. Instead, this may have left you feeling ‘frozen, stuck & unable to make progress’. You may want to succeed, however the ‘support’ causes you to sabotage your success.

You may be living in the past, you may be thinking of the ‘what if’ scenario or ‘what might have been’. Instead of being proactive, seeking change, you tend to dwell in the past. Your fear of success prevents you from moving away from your comfort zone, where you feel safe & protected from any potential verbal attacks and criticism. You fear being seen by others for who you really are. You feel that who you are & what you are is not good enough.

This was definitely me when I was diagnosed in my 20’s, I have improved the function of mine in recent years & I’m working to get mine back to full efficiency, you can do the same.

Does that resonate for you? It may not all resonate, so pick out the bits that do & work on those aspects.

With hyper-thyroidism there are similarities but also some differences:

You tried too hard to please others, it left you feeling a failure. Influential people in your life didn’t acknowledge your efforts in a fulfilling way.

It may be that you learned that achievement, success & very hard work will earn you the love that you seek. Love = work & exhaustion. You are placing a great deal of pressure on yourself to be better than before. You seem to spiral into a self-punishing cycle & panic when you are unable to achieve goals or reach the expectations of others. Love within the family was conditional. Those influential people seemed to be very success driven so any failures were stewed over and dwelled upon. This caused you to work harder in order to avoid the consequences & the disappointment of others. Failure may have brought rejection & abandonment. Your suppressed anger often surfaces when you are feeling controlled or out of control. You feel your emotions at the core of your soul. Criticism & pressure have left you feeling vulnerable & raw. Pressure from outside influences has pushed you to work harder & to accomplish more than others. You work quickly in order to avoid punishment. You feel you have been set-up for failure by high expectations along with the demands of influential people. This causes you to feel you are being compared to the success of others, making you feel resentful. You may feel you have to be someone who is better than you are right now. You feel as if ‘who I am will never be good enough’. You feel you will only be heard & acknowledged if you are the successful person that everyone wants you to be.

You have lived a life that has left you feeling out of control & guilty. As a result of all your efforts being criticised, you have become very defensive. You fight for the right to be respected, fighting against anyone who challenges your abilities. You are always on the lookout for potential threats. You feel responsible for keeping the peace in order to avoid challenging circumstances.

You are trying so hard to keep the peace that you end up causing more uproar during challenging circumstances. You may feel that tasks had to be executed quickly in order to avoid punishment, there seems to be an urgency & rush to get things done.

There are other thyroid disorders, I chose these because they are so common & they do seem to be a mainly female issue.


I use an array of tools to help my clients, including; NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) to help identify the beliefs that have caused the issue which we can then change to a more empowering belief. Reiki to clear blocks and allow for energetic shifts which create space for healing to occur. Meditation, visualisation, the Akashic Records & other coaching & spiritual practices to help your body engage its own healing process. With thyroid issues, I work very intuitively to rebalance the chakras, especially the throat chakra, this changes from client to client. I’m not claiming to heal anyone, I’m purely the tool that you need for your body to activate its healing process. I have helped many people with many different conditions to get well using this knowledge.

Your body has been seeking your attention, it has been trying to communicate that you have internal emotions that you need to listen to. This condition is your body resorting to shouting at you. Listen, release, heal.

If you would like to speak with me about your thyroid dysfunction or any other health condition, you can book yourself a 30 min complimentary call with me on Zoom.

Thank you to @evetterose for her wonderful book Metaphysical Anatomy which is my bible now!

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