Choosing The Right Tarot Deck For You

I’ve been working with tarot for over 26 years now, I never get bored of it, which is a minor miracle as I get bored so easily! I get asked all the time about how to buy the right cards, so I thought I’d share some tips with you.

Think about Oracle Cards, Angel Cards or Tarot, which ones are you most drawn to? The thing to remember is that they are all simply a tool to help unlock your intuition, there is no right or wrong.


Firstly, let’s think about the size cards you want. Do you want oversize cards so you don’t need your glasses to read them or because you love quirky? Do you have small hands so would prefer a smaller size card?

It has always made me chuckle that most tarot readers are ladies and tarot cards are big, whereas most Rune readers are male, men tend to have bigger hands, and Runes are pretty small!

Second-hand V New

It’s a myth that tarot cards should be bought for you, it’s also a myth that you should not have second-hand ones. If you see some in a boot fair that you like, grab them and then cleanse them by placing the cards on a bet of natural salt or white sage or on the windowsill in the full moon.

You will still give great readings, don’t be put off if your cards have been passed down to you or come from a charity shop etc.


I love colour so the more there is the better, I think that is why I started to work with the Radiant Rider-Waite deck, I love the vibrancy. So do love colours? Do you prefer the mystery that black & white brings?

If you prefer more muted colours then keep that in mind too.

I am very tactile so I love glossy colour in cards, but if you prefer matte colour then that’s fine.

Themes & Subjects

I swear there is a deck of cards for everything! So do you have a particular interest such as Hollywood films, animals, faeries, angels or crystals? If so, look at cards with those themes. If you are very much into astrology, you may want a deck that has a lot of astrology in its cards.

There are very antiquated looking decks plus there are some incredibly modern decks such as the Faulkner Tarot.


I would always recommend taking time to research decks, you can do it on the internet, however, you rarely see all the cards, hence why I have so many decks!! I love the cards I can see, buy them, get home with them but don’t like all the remaining cards.

Go to psychic fayres and i f the readers are not busy ask if they’ll show you their cards, be aware they may not allow you to touch them, readers can be very protective of their tools.

You may even find stalls at the event that sell cards and they may be happy for you to look at the whole deck.

There’s a great website called where they review the whole deck and you can see all the cards.

If you are part of a spiritual network or circle, ask people if you can see their decks, ask what drew them to the cards.

That’s it! It really is quite simple, you can avoid buying loads of decks you don’t need & won’t use! 

Once you have a deck that speaks to you, come & learn how to read them

Let me know if this blog helped you in your search.

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