Halloween Superstitions or Myth

My BFF Cat Samson
Halloween Is Coming
It’s October & Halloween’s just around the corner, the celebration of Halloween seems to be gaining stsus in the UK, it was never such a big deal here when I was growing up, nothing likes over the pond in the USA, but it’s another money spinner for many businesses, so every year it seems to gain status here. However it has got me thinking, I wouldn’t consider myself superstitious, yet I found myself behaving in accordance with the superstition doctrines this week. I was having a clear out of a drawer (I hate clutter) and found an old ‘Lucky Penny’, my immediate thought was ‘what a load of rubbish, I’ll bin it’ but then the belief system kicked in ‘but what if I throw it out, will things suddenly turn bad on me?’ So back in the drawer it went, just in case!
Popular Superstitions
I don’t really recall my parent having superstitions, the only instance I can think of is my mum not being happy when dad came home with a new green car – green cars are said to be very unlucky. I guess if you were a British racing driver, green may well be seen as unlucky given how often they crash, but in my mind, if you’re a racing driver in any colour car, you have a higher risk of being injured or killed when driving one!
My best friend has a black cat, they tend to be quite numerous in rescue homes because people see them as unlucky. This superstition came from the Normans & the Germanic culture, and resulted in a huge cull of black cats back in the day. It’s believed that if a black cat crosses your path death will follow, well my BFF has had her black cat for some years and she’s still alive! Others see black cats as being lucky so who knows which is right? I’d like to see some stats on that one! (Samson is the cat in the pic above).
A broken mirror comes with 7 years bad luck attached, breaking the mirror isn’t enough? We recently had a big mirror crash down off the wall, as yet I can’t see any sign of the 7 years bad luck. This actually originates from Roman times, mirrors were a tool for scrying & for other mystical purposes. They believed that things renewed every 7 years and that if a mirror broke with your reflection within it, there would a 7 year renewal period. We use mirrors so much more these days, they don’t have the mystical properties associated these days. No doubt if someone had a bad 7 years, they’d decide it was the mirror.
I think if you spend Friday the 13th thinking it’s going to be a bad day, that’s what you’ll get! I don’t buy into Mercury Retrograde for the same reason, our brain is wired to find the proof that buys into our narrative so if you believe everyone hates you or everyone loves you, that will be your reality. It’s Law of Attraction, you get what you think about.
As for walking under ladders, that one seems like common sense to me, if you walk under a ladder, you may get paint dripped on you or worse! Not that, that stops me, I do sometimes walk under under ladders. My father was a window cleaner, I can tell you now, ladders were not his friend! He had various incident involving ladders during his lifetime, not all of them were when he was out cleaning windows though. My father was also the subject of a newspaper article int he local press, they called him ‘Norfolk’s most unlucky man’, he did seem to attract accidents and mishaps!
How Superstitious Are You?
When it comes to superstition, which ones do you have and are they truly things you believe in or just a part of your belief system, because you’ve inherited them from your culture, family etc? How do you live with those superstitions day-to-day?
So where do you stand on superstition & why? I’d be interested to know yours.
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