Metaphysical Roots of Fibromyalgia & Self Healing

Are You On A Fibromyalgia Journey?

All illness starts in the way our brain perceives & interprets the world, the way this creates our beliefs & our resulting behaviour, or lack of can create health issues. This is my blog, sharing the root beliefs of fibromyalgia. The underlying causes of Fibromyalgia won’t resonate for everyone in the same way, if you have fibromyalgia, focus on the aspects which do resonate for you. Have a read, mull it over, make notes of any which do resonate for you, then you can work to change them.

What Is Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is categorised as; A musculoskeletal disorder characterised by constant pain, sensitiveness, burning muscular pains, disturbed sleep, extreme fatigue, loss of energy & acute morning stiffness. There are 18 painful points on the body; muscles & tendons in the neck & shoulders, between the scapula & shoulder blades, in the lower back, the sciatic nerve, the knees, elbows, wrists & chest. 7 women for every man are diagnosed with this condition. A chronic imbalance of the nervous system after an accident or emotional shock, an immune system in overdrive (it continues to work against a non-existent virus or a virus no longer present, or after disturbed deep sleep. This can lead to the thoughts of “I am worth nothing’ and to feel incapable of making changes in my life.

This condition is often linked to perfectionism, anxiety & making high demands on myself beyond my limits. I have a great inner, emotional pain that follows me constantly. It may originate from an event experienced at an early age, but was a source of great guilt. I feel unwanted and I find it very difficult to assert myself. I don’t feel that I am up to the mark. I feel I have been taken aback. I feel a lot of pressure from my entourage, when in fact, I am the one pushing myself too hard. I feel anger because I have the impression I am receiving no love from the people around me. I don’t want to move forward. I prefer to cut myself off from my emotions because I feel no gentleness in my life. Where does this constant pain come from? It often appears when I am doing repetitive & monotonous gestures. It reminds me of my emotional suffering from indefinitely taking on responsibilities that I have not really chosen. I wanted to dutifully follow certain principles that were in opposition to my deeper needs. I am living a life for which I have no inclination.

Positive Thoughts & Affirmations to Help Clear Your Beliefs:

Again not all of these will resonate for you, if any feel off, they need looking at! Again make notes.


Affirmations are positive, empowering statements that can be used to counteract disempowering beliefs & thoughts.

‘I accept to learn to take care of myself, to give myself the gentleness I so need’.

‘I allow the child who inhabits me, & grew up too fast, to live it’s child’s life. I no longer have to be a superwoman/superman, I only have to be me’.

‘I have the right to be happy & live joyfully’.

‘I allow my creativity to express itself through play, sports or any other activity that brings me greater wellbeing. And so I thrive and a great inner peace settles in’.

If you feel you need help to heal, that you are not able to do it on your own then do contact me, I have a free group on Facebook where I share my resources, or if you’d rather work with me, let’s do a Zoom chat & see how I can help Book Here or call me.

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