Spirit Guide - BearWe all have Spirit Guides, most people struggle to know how to communicate with them or how to ‘hear’ them, I get asked so often about Spirit Guides, communicating with them is easier than you think!

I’m often asked by people about their Spirit Guides, how to hear them, see them, speak with them & who or what they are. It’s easier than you think to communicate with your Guides, but let’s just assume for now that I can take that role.


Imagine I was your Spirit Guide & you could ask me anything you wanted, what would you ask me? 

I don’t have all the answers but I do have the following:

  • Almost 50 years of experience of working with Spirit
  • I understand the language they ‘speak’
  • 100’s of previous lives
  • I’ve read 1,000’s of books
  • I’ve done 1,000’s of readings
  • I’ve taught 100’s of students
  • I’ve been in the Akashic Records & received knowledge
  • I’ve been shown things by my Guides

You can actually ask your own Guides anything you like, they will communicate with you.

Years ago, I had no idea how to recognise communication from Spirit or my Guides, I read so many books, all of which told me how easy it was, what I should expect & so off I went, meditating, asking questions but all to no avail! What on earth was I doing wrong?

It turns out that in theory I wasn’t actually doing a great deal ‘wrong’ as such, I had unrealistic expectations – my Guides were not going to materialise in front of me nor were we going to have a cosy chat like I would with you. Nope, their communication is way more subtle than that. 

I also had no idea how I was wired; clairvoyant, clairaudient etc. With help from the lady whose development circle I’d joined, as well as learning through questions other people asked, I actually changed all of my expectations, got an understanding of how I was wired which made a huge difference, then, like magic I could communicate with my Guides!!!! That was not painful, MUCH!

I really wish that I’d had someone to teach me, someone who could just help me understand myself & the way I’m wired when it comes to being psychic, but instead teachers were just wanting me to do it their way, we all work differently, there is not a one size fits all when it comes to being intuitive! I can only be me, you can only be you! If you are having the same issue I did, I feel for you. If you want my help then jump on my calendar & book a complimentary chat with which we can do via Zoom, if I’ve helped you to find your groove, great!

You can buy my Spirit guides webinar that will explain all aspects of meeting & working with your Spirit Guides here.I also offer a guided meditation to help ypu meet your Guides, you can get that here.

If you’d like a meditation to help you meet your Spirit guides then take a look at my MP4 guided meditation.

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