The Chakra System; The Third Eye Chakra

The Third Eye/Brow Chakra 

We’re going to take a look at the sixth chakra which is known as the Third Eye or Brow chakra. This chakra is the second of the spiritual chakras.

Where is The Third Eye Chakra Located?

The Third Eye chakra is located between the eyebrows but slightly above them. You will see the Egyptian Eye of Horus painted here on people in ancient texts & Indian women have their Bindi spot in the same location too.  It’s a beautiful indigo colour (deep blue/violet).

What Is Its Purpose?

The Third Eye chakra is the seat of the imagination, the clairvoyance & our dreams, it is seen as the seat of our intuition. We’re at the midpoint of the basic spiritual chakras, we access our centre of wisdom, our conscience, and higher consciousness here, it’s also where we can connect to our Guides.

Chakras & Health

When this chakra is imbalanced, you may find it hard if not impossible to do spiritual & psychic work, you may feel blocked or you may find you cannot control the intuitive side of you, being ‘stuck’ in your spiritual self, unable to ground or function as a human being. Ever get told you were too much of a dreamer as a kid? The Third Eye can be very out of balance as children because we are living in our imagination more.

You may have physical issues such as brow tension, headaches, eye issues such as eye strain or blurred vision & sinus issues. Governing the ear, nose & throat, you may find issues with hearing or inner ear issues such as balance or dizziness. 

Imbalances in this chakra also often bring issues such as mental fog, cognitive issues, problems with concentration or scattered thinking, nausea, epilepsy, glaucoma & cataracts.

Generally I see people who are over-thinkers, worriers, closed minded, feel quite lost or too reliant on others, looking for validation or even permission & depression is a common issue here. 

Rebalancing The Third Eye Chakra

We can rebalance the chakra, however, we also need to look at the emotions & thoughts as these will send it straight back out of balance if not addressed.

 There are many ways to rebalance the chakras, here’s a few options;

  • Reiki
  • Affirmations
  • Theta healing
  • Visualisation
  • Meditation
  • Food; purple/blue foods 
  • Clothing; wear purple/blue clothes
  • Crystals
  • NLP
  • Yoga

Whatever way works for you when it comes to healing is fine, there is no one size fits all answer in spirituality.

 We are not encouraged even as children to allow our imagination free range, however, the imagination & clairvoyance are literally a fag paper apart, they’re so close we cannot always tell the difference. Those who are encouraged to be imaginative will find it easier to use their clairvoyance. Being trained to be so logical is not helpful at all.


So how does the Third Eye chakra information resonate for you?

 Maintaining the chakra system is an ongoing job, it’s not a one time thing, so having quick ways to check their health state and to rebalance them is key, don’t wait to be unwell before clearing them.

I hope that was helpful? We’ll be looking at the Crown chakra next.

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