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Are You A Healer?

Being attuned to the Reiki energy is a great way to develop both personally & spiritually. The energy is always around us just like oxygen, we’re just unaware of it.

I started my Reiki journey about 11 years ago. I wasn’t sure that I wanted to be a healer but I was interested in creating a strong connection with Spirit, raising my vibration & being more spiritual, even though I’m not really sure that I knew exactly what that was back then!!!

I was often told in readings I was a healer or that I had healing hands, however, I did not have a draw to go in that direction, I’d already studied Spiritual Healing with the NFSH & it was not ticking the right boxes, it felt too rigid for me. I tried Reiki instead to see if that was right for me. Now, 11 years later, I understand that there are many ways to heal, it’s not just bandages or stitches or doing a Reiki session!

I believe that we can heal through readings, coaching, counselling or just listening (if you’re a barmaid, waitress, hairdresser etc then you know what I mean). I often send healing to people I know who’re in need, to those affected by war or natural disaster or during a session with a client, especially if we’re working on something emotional.

I’ve plenty of students who’ve taken Reiki classes, became Reiki practitioners offering sessions to clients, or who now work with animals in various ways such as animal sanctuaries, stables, vets or individual pets, as well as those who just want it for their own needs or to help a child or partner. Some go on to combine it with therapy or counselling.

How Can Reiki Help Me?

Here’s some ways Reiki can assist you:

Improves sleep
Relaxes & reduces stress
Raises your vibration
Great for calming ADD/ADHD
Helps balance people on the autistic spectrum
Boosts nutrients of foods & medicine or cosmetics
Animals & pets love it
Can boost libido
Helps with meditation
Connects you to the spirit world

What Is Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing modality that works on the mind, body & spirit, it allows healing energy to flow around your body, dissolving blocks, bringing relaxation, reducing or ending pain, releasing tension & restoring balance. It reduces stress & anxiety too, which is something most people can benefit from these days.

Here’s an example of how I use it, when I’m not just giving a traditional Reiki session.

Martyn came to me for past life regression, during this session he revisited various lives in which ‘he’ had been abandoned; as a wife of a navy sailor, he’d been ‘abandoned’ when the ship never came back & all lives had been lost.

As a ‘child’ he’d lost both parents to plague & again had been ‘abandoned’. This pattern was repeated a few times which explained why Martyn could be clingy with partners, he feared being left alone again. As Martyn experienced each life we went to the ‘life between lives’ stage (heaven) and I gave his soul Reiki to fill the emotional void left by ‘healing’ the past & the hurt in his soul.

I also have a client who gives a tarot reading followed by a session of Reiki. Let’s face it, often a reading can be emotional!

Sarah, does reflexology & gives Reiki during the session.

Louise sells beauty products & skincare, she enhances the products with Reiki.

Xenia uses Reiki to help her ADHD child settle & sleep, this has improved their schooling too.

Beryl only uses Reiki on herself, she does it daily which makes her feel energised, grounded & balanced.

So you can see that Reiki is incredibly versatile and can be combined with existing skills as well as adding skills to it once you have it.

Which Type of Reiki Is Best For Me?

I offer two styles of Reiki; Traditional Usui Reiki as well as Angel Reiki, they are both wonderful, however some people are more drawn to work with the angelic realms. There are other styles available too so check out different styles if these don’t feel right for you. If you click on the highlighted words you can find out more about the two styles of Reiki I offer.

If this has interested you, get in touch with me to discuss your Reiki journey or if you are ready to book a course. If you are not sure why not try a session first? I look forward to speaking with you and working with you.

See what previous Reiki students have said about my classes: Facebook Testimonials #coachingwithtracyfance #learnreikikent #reikijourney #healerhealthyself

Healing Hands & Reiki Benefits

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