Mental Health & Spirituality

Mental Health & Spirituality

As a coach I see so many people that are struggling with mental health, since the pandemic it seems we have an even worse pandemic, but one where there is no vaccination, that of mental health.

As with anything in life we determine to be negative, people ask ‘why me?’ I thought I’d address this from a spiritual point of view.

Our souls are here to grow, we choose to incarnate on earth because it’s a challenging environment, we also choose the challenges we wish to confront in our lives. It all seems so easy when we’re planning our life, however, once we incarnate we have no knowledge of what we signed up for, nor who from our soul group is part of the challenge, it’s easy to feel alone.

We may also have overall soul contracts for our soul groups such as cultural soul contracts where our challenge is on a grander scale like racism, sexuality, religion, sexism, empowerment, or any other issues that affect a whole culture.

The current level of mental health issues, predominantly in the developed parts of the world is a huge problem, in the countries that are still developing it’s less of an issue, so it would seem that our soul’s are fighting two battles, one on an individual level as well as one globally. People like Robin Williams – a very high profile actor who had various mental health issues and who sadly took his own life a few years back – may well have been here to raise awareness, to bring mental health & addiction into the light, his passing is not in vain.

I’m sure you’re thinking all sorts of thoughts about that information! This is a message to society that we need change, our lifestyles are causing these issues, it is our mission to transform the situation.

What is your mental health teaching you? What are you learning from those loved ones in your life who are suffering? The answer is not drugs, it is about unifying our spiritual and human selves, it is about living in alignment with our soul’s needs.

For some people their mental health may be related to a past life or even multiple past lives, the trauma from a previous life can bleed over, causing us issues, there will be no identifying root cause for the therapist or health professional to uncover, unless they look to the past lives.

It’s not that long ago that anyone psychic, who heard clairaudiently, would have been whisked off to the local sanatorium & given electric shock therapy or even a frontal lobotomy to remove the part of hte brain held to be responsible! The health profession is less stuck in the dark ages these days, however,  they’re still not as enlightened as they need to be.

That’s the darker side of mental health, but what about the positives? There’s more compassion for those suffering from mental health issues these days, during the pandemic, lots of people who had no history of mental health issues, found it a struggle, helping to normalise mental health issues, rather than seeing it as a weakness. There are things we can do, part of our learning that will help us.

  1. By connecting to our tribe in person, we no longer feel isolated or alone, connecting on social media, as we found in the pandemic, is just not the same. Our younger generations communicate via technology, our older generations prefer to communicate with a real person. Older people do not want to use automated tills, they want to speak with a real person, swap news, communicate and be seen.
  2. Animals know when someone needs their love, this is why we have animal therapy.
  3. The compassion that people feel for those who are suffering, makes us a more caring race.
  4. Those who’ve had mental health issues are part of the wake up call to humanity to have balance, to engage with real people but enjoy the benefits of technology.
  5. Generally speaking if you’re having an issue with your mental health, you’re closer to the spirit world.
  6. You may crave solitude but actually need the opposite.
  7. You are most likely an empath which means many of your emotions are actually that of other people or are your own emotions being amplified by those around you.

If you or a loved one are affected by issues around mental health, this can be resolved then I would recommend looking at what issues you’ve had in your life, either now or when you were younger, these could be the root cause of your issues. As a Psychic Coach I help people to clear the past issues so they can heal themselves. All health starts in the subconscious mind. If you’d like to book a complimentary chat with me to discuss it further, you can book a Zoom chat with me here.

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